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    Wale Oworu’s name might not easily ring a bell here, but the boss of Bostino Entertainment, is a strong force in the American entertainment world. The self-acclaimed international promoter, who has been staying in the United States of America for over 20 years has finally concluded plans to bring good shows and events to Nigeria through his Bostino Entertainment that has worked with the best hip-hop artistes in the United States of America.

    In this interview, Wale Oworu, who is popularly known as Boston, talks about having fun and still doing business and other issues on how to take entertainment to the next level.

    Can we meet you and how did your journey into artistes/events promotion start
    Well, my name is Wale Oworu, I am a proud Nigerian, but presently, I reside in the United States of America, I have been living there for 20 years. I got involved in artistes promotion out of passion because I really enjoy having fun and there is no dull moment with me around. Promotion has become part of me because it's what gives my joy, I like making merry and I can easily spot talents in music when I see one.

    What is it about Bostino Entertainment
    In a sentence, I would like to say Bostino Entertainment brings you show, life, fun and happiness just like our Motto says, “Where It All Happens.”

    What differentiates your company from others
    Bostino Entertainment LLC/TMI/MC's Entertainment brings you the bad(est) shows and parties you will ever go to and ever been to... When we had the Akon Show in Washington DC, it was a huge success, everybody was there; we had Big Tiger, Tank, Morris Chestnut, Raheen Devaughu, Ginuwine and lots of them on ground to make the show a wow event.  It was the best show packaged by Lafa Media and Bostino, and I can tell you it was off the hook.

    Who are the top artistes you have worked with for promotions & events
    There in America, they include Akon, Little Wayne, Jung Joc, Ed Lover, I mean Ed Lover from Yo! in MTV rap back in the days.

    Why did you decide to bring your expertise to Nigeria
    Well, the reason is because l want to keep having fun wherever I go and for the fact that I have seen a lot in the US, where I have lived more than I have lived in Nigeria and the entertainment business has really changed from what it was to what it is now. I am trying to bring fun to 'Las gidi' (Lagos), I want to bring new shows and business to all these big companies, who are ready to do business with Bostino Entertainment and bring jobs, which is very important, for upcoming Nigerian artistes.

    So, who are your target audience
    It's funny you asked this question; my target audience are both the young and old. I have plans for the younger ones too with the fun of 'Going back to School Jam” after they have had fun during their summer vacation and the old school with their wives and those that have girl friends are also being targeted, so you can see now that Bostino wants to really create fun for all fun lovers.

    From your own view, what can we do to change the entertainment industry for better in Nigeria
    To be frank, the entertainment industry needs more promoters that know how to do the job so that they can create an enabling environment for the artistes and entertainers out there. We need to start doing promotions like I see it done in the US, look for talents, give all these upcoming acts an opportunity to express themselves, to do better things with their lives, so that they can be like the likes of 2face and D'Banj that are on top of the game now. l know there are lots of musicians that have talents that really want to do the same thing those two are doing, but they don't have the opportunity because we lack experienced promoters around.

    Can you tell us about your association with the top artistes in America
    Laughs. Over the years, I have built my brand, and most of them are my business associates, we often go on tour together, party together and make money for ourselves on the streets doing promotions. But basically, my association with American artistes is about business. Let me tell you, most of them want to come to Africa, they want to come to their motherland and entertain us with some good music and have great shows and make sure that people that think they can't see them ordinarily see them and have a good time at the show. Honestly, the artistes there are always willing to help and be supportive to the people in Africa because they think they all need to give back to their motherland.

    What propels your promotional creativity
    Well, I want to thank God for giving me the strength to do what I love doing, and what keeps me going, if I am to say this, is the fact that I have talented artistes to work with and I believe there are thousands of talents.
    In Nigeria and Africa too that can keep the dream and business alive for good promoters like me in the country.

    What do you think the big companies in Nigeria should do to support the entertainment industry
    I am very happy you asked me this question because l was out there in Nigeria about four years ago, looking for sponsors to help shine light on some of the talents I have in Nigeria and abroad. I actually went to three or four major companies here in Nigeria, but l not going to mention their names because they might be the ones, who will help me very soon. Honestly, it was very sad to go through what l experienced, but l guess its all about who you know in Nigeria. I am here to do business, have fun, and to bring and put together a good show for the Nigerian people. I think the big companies should start looking at companies like Bostino Entertainment, TIM and Mc's Entertainment because you really don't know what we can do except we are given the opportunity to make things happen for them.

    Who are your best artistes in America and Nigeria
    Well, my best artistes in the US are many, but this is what I am going to do, l will choose two from the US and two from Nigeria by considering two new schools and two old schools. So, in the US, my two old schools are Bobby Brown and Heavy D, may his soul rest in peace, my new school right now is Jay-Z and Ricky Rosey. In Nigeria, my old school is the late Fela Anikulapo Kuti, King Sunny Ade, while my new school is Wizkid and the late Da Grin.

    If you were not into entertainment, what would you have done
    Well, promotion is my hubby, I am not saying it's not a job, but it is really fun to some of us in the entertainment business. I love entertainment and enjoy it and l want to bring entertaining shows to Nigeria, but if l am not doing what l love doing presently, l will definitely be a CEO of my own company, and l am, but I would have been working with computers and not promotions (Laughs).  l went to the University of MD, where l studied Information System Management and Business Management. l have worked with lots of government agencies in the US such as USDA, HRSA, and US Fish and Wildlife Services, where I worked as PC Tech and Help Desk Tech, doing more Hardware and software works.

    How would you describe a good artiste and a successful event/show
    A good artiste is an artiste that has love for music, passion for what he or she does. A successful show is not really about making big money, it's about giving the best show to the audience and making sure the people enjoy themselves to the fullest.

    How do you relax and your favourite genre of music
    Relax? Wow! I really prefer working most times, but when l really want to chill out, I prefer hanging out with my kids, we go out to eat and see the movies, but if I'm not with my kids, I work on video shoots with Kunzo from TIM. I often relax giving out gifts to the kids with my foundation called; Get Well Foundation.

    What can you never be caught with
    I guess l will never be caught shoplifting… But really I guess l don't know for sure now.

    Do you see yourself bringing a change to the Nigerian entertainment industry
    I really want to contribute to the entertainment industry in Nigeria. Believe me, the entertainment industry has changed from that of the 70s, 80s or 90s and now it's going to be 2012 soon. We want to bring change to the entertainment in Nigeria. For sure some people are already doing it, take for instance D'banj with Snoop Doggie signing a deal with Good Music. So, I really want to change some things in the entertainment industry in Nigeria. I want to do things people have not done. I know the people in the music world that are willing to come with me to Nigeria for a good show, but we just need to go out of our Nigerian mind and do business with others. I have the biggest shows in the making in Nigeria, to give Nigerians the best they deserve, the shows that we are yet to see like awards shows that will make a big difference to the Nigerian people. We need to start making ourselves look good with the quality show we see in our country; all those are the changes we need here to move the entertainment industry forward.

    Any word of advice for people that want to go into entertainment business like you
    Entertainment business is a big business, but you have to be focused and determined to do the best of what you enjoy doing. But they need to take their time in whatever they want to do in the entertainment industry, but as for us at Bostino Entertainment, we take business and entertainment to “Where It All Happens"
    Any plan to relocate to Nigeria to contribute your own quota to the entertainment industry
    Yes, l plan to relocate, you know, maybe once the business starts rolling in, I want to move back to my fatherland I had been away for 20yrs, but I come home when l miss home, see my mum and dad and other family members

    Can you give us a brief on Get Well Foundation
    Get Well Foundation is something l started 5yrs ago to give back to the society. I normally help kids on every thanksgiving by giving out turkey to them and every Christmas. I give out gifts to kids in the hospital in Maryland, Washington DC and other areas.

    Where is your favourite hangout
    My favorite hangout is my home on my bed.  I also enjoy hanging out with friends in NYC, we usually get something to eat or drink. But when I'm in Nigeria, you will see me in QUE'Z VILLE, the place is owned by my man called; Fowowe. QUE'Z VILLE is at Eko Gym and Spa located at 9b, Akarigbere Close off Idejo St. off Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. If you are looking for me, you can stop by for some good time with me at the place.
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