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    Monday, November 20, 2017

    More Than Just Banking! Diamond Bank Connects People & Markets

    Diamond Bank is one of the 22 financial institutions operating in Nigeria, with a mission to “Go beyond banking, connect people and markets and markets to people.” This mission is brought to life through leveraging innovative Microsoft technologies to empower the bank to reach more people in a cost-effective way. Also deepening financial inclusion initiatives, Diamond Bank delivers on this commitment with the right digital assets to enable offering of a wide portfolio of products for the changing needs of their customers. Hear what the bank’s CEO has to say:
    Boosting Productivity with End-to-End Customer Relationship Management Tool
    Every time we interact with the customer, there is a record of that event. Before now, the Customer Relationship Manager would need to prepare an extensive handover note that took almost a whole day. Now, the system records all interaction and manages the process in real time. The handover note is live and dynamic, with easy access allowing employees more time to do more productive tasks for customers.

    Share and Collaborate with Video conferencing and Social for Work
    As the bank grew bigger, it became difficult to keep in touch. Every morning my alarm goes off. Microsoft Outlook notifies me about employees’ birthday. I go into Skype for Business and I’m able to wish any member of staff across all 300 branches a Happy Birthday! This also allows easy access to management and aids quick feedback on business.

    With the “Microsoft Teams” solution, cross functional collaboration is now possible in a deeply engaging way. Teams can share ideas, brainstorm and execute on tasks faster. This has cut down on travel time significantly. Quarterly, we have a town hall company engagement and everyone gets to participate and air their opinions freely using Skype Conferencing.

    Yammer also serves as a great social networking tool allowing us to see pictures and videos of activities happening company wide. New product launches, birthdays etc. The uptake from this has been so high and it has made it easier for everyone to share momentous activities and keep in touch.

    Predict and Customize For the Market Place
    I now have monitoring dashboards that allow me follow transactions in real time. There are also different parameters that I can tweak to get specific information. I can discover where transactions are happening the most – by type, pattern etc. It is an excellent tool that allows for improved data-driven decision making. This has helped us develop more custom products and solutions for customers.

    We have been able to develop several spin off products from the insights gathered. One of which was the *426# Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) mobile service, which customer could use to transfer money to their accounts, top up their mobile phone, check their account balance etc. We can tell what the customer wants or is thinking through their actions and respond appropriately. We are able to collect data, analyze it effectively and implement strategies that produce results.

    With Power BI, management teams across the company can all see the same data and pattern in real time. This forces everyone across the company to be customer centric.

    Warehouse and Secure Important Data with Cloud
    In the past, archiving the level of data generated by all the activities that we are now able to do would have posed a huge challenge; but by adopting Microsoft’s cloud solutions, we are able to warehouse data securely.

    Instant updates with Microsoft 365 ensures that we are protected from current security threats and risks.
    Overall, Diamond Bank reports significant productivity boost in workplace, product development and penetration, processes, customer servicing and continue to count the gains of digital adoption.

    “ Digitization helps us go beyond share of wallet; it enables us increase customer ‘share of life”’
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