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    Fuji Act Atawewe, Islamic Singer, Alawiye’s Rift Deepens

    *He Is My Younger Brother -Atawewe 
    Atawewe is a fuji musician of note whose dancehall fuji style is very acceptable to the old and young ones. He has 15 albums to his credit. He performs every Sunday evening at Infinity Hotel, Allen, Ikeja, Lagos. He spoke on his rift with Islamic singer, Alawiye.

    What was the reason for the rift between you and Islamic singer Alawiye in Ibadan
    There is a huge difference between me and Alawiye. I can never have a quarrel with him. He (Alawiye) is my younger brother. I wouldn't want to fight my younger brother. I can only correct him. I only tried to tell him the right thing to do. That is not too much from an elder brother to a younger one.
    I believe he did not realize what he did. So, it is my duty to tell him his fuck-up. That's all.

    Do you think he (Alawiye) agreed with you that he was wrong
    I don't care about that. All I care about is the correction of the wrong and that is what I did. I know very well that by the time he goes back to think about what I said, he will agree with me that, the difference is clear.

    What about your friend Pasuma do you think he agrees with your correction of the wrong
    He (Pasuma) is my friend. We have cordial relationship. The situation does not concern him. I know he will not tolerate a younger person disrespect him, so he wouldn't want it happen to his friend.

    When is your next album coming out

    I just concluded a musical video. I am working on a new two-in-one album, its coming out very soon. We are rehearsing at the moment. We will soon enter the studio.

    Alawiye: He Is My Younger Brother’s Age Mate,I Married His Wife For Him 
    Islamic singer Ahmad Alawiye's reaction to Atawewe's accusation, following the duo's clash in Ibadan recently.

    Sule Adio Atawewe said you are his younger brother, that he was only trying to correct your wrongs, how do you react to this
    He is a bloody liar. Sulaimon Adio Atawewe and my own younger blood brother, Husain Alawiye Kehinde and one of my own area (younger) brothers Solomon are age group. I am their elder brother at Idi-oro, Akinbiyi Street, Off Smith Street. I was an Islamic teacher in that area, when Sulaimon was young. Sulaimon had never in his life approached me to say Ahmad how are you? I respect him because I am an Alfa. I am not trained to disrespect people. I should live by example.
    I know Sulaimon's history in Mushin. I am one of those who went to pick his wife Rasheedat at Olomowewe Street, Olosha Mushin.
    We went there together with my friends not as an ordinary person but, an elderly brother to him.
    I can mention the names of people like; Gbenga, Yusuf Stainless, Tigana, Sulaimon Banmeke, and some of our other friends. These people can bear me witness. We supported him.

    Does it mean that you guys were very close before now
    Yes, my father has a Mosque at No.I Akinbiyi Street, Idi-oro. Our house is also there on the same Street while his own father rented an Ile Pako (wooden room) at Smith Street in the same area. Imagine that stupid boy calling me his younger brother.

    What do you think made him do what he did

    He is only jealous of the respect we are giving Pasuma. But, he does not deserve it. He may deserve some respect from those who are younger to him, not me.

    For how long have you known him
    Well over twenty years now. I never expected such an embarrassment from him. Although, he has only succeeded in embarrassing himself, not me. In the past, he uses to greet me very well in a respectful manner until that unfortunate incident in Ibadan.

    What really went wrong in Ibadan
    Nothing much happened my brother. I was on stage when Pasuma came in and I acknowledge him. They later called him to the stage to perform. On getting to the stage, he also acknowledged Pasuma as usual.
    After that, he started making some negative comments about me. Saying that, I disrespected him. I wonder what a bigger star like Pasuma should do. A lot of people relate with Pasuma freely. He has never for once accused anyone of disrespecting him. He wants to command the respect, he does not deserve. It will be a shame for me to bow down for Sulaimon Adio. For Gods sake, I am thirty eight years old. I am sure he is not older than me. Why should I bow down at his feet? June 1st of 2010, I was thirty eight years old. I told you earlier that, I went to marry his wife for him. His father lives in a wooden house in Mushin, Smith Street. I shouldn't be saying all these if not for what happened.

    Don't you think you are contributing to the current fuji war
    Honestly, my father was not happy with the situation. So many other people were not happy with this. I am not happy with it also. I am a singer though, an Islamic singer and cleric.
    He is also a singer, a fuji artiste. We are under the same performing musician association of Nigeria (PMAN). There is nothing bad in relating together.
    I have been relating with them for quite long. I comport myself among them. I don't make trouble anywhere.

    After the Ibadan episode, have you guys met again or spoken on phone or anywhere
    I have not seen him again and I don't even want to meet him again. He is no longer popular in our area in Idi-oro. A lot of people now hate him. Many people who know about all these I have told you are waiting to embarrass him in the area. They believe he is rude. He has no achievement in this industry. I am more successful than him. I have my own multimillion naira house in Ibadan. I have cars. I am one of the biggest Islamic artistes in Nigeria. I produce two albums every year. He is going backward everyday. He is no longer relevant.

    What are you working on at the moment
    I have two new albums in the market. One is Alafia, marketed and distributed by Epsalum music production. The other one is Adun, by David music International. Both albums are now in the market. Also, a multi-million naira video of Alafia is coming very soon.
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    reality1225 said... February 20, 2011 at 11:55 AM

    Thank you so much for exposing the most arrogant musician. man can't do nothing by mere strength or ability, but God. Shanko rasheed sings far better than atawewe. Alawiye is a very smart Guy clibbing his ladder to the top by associating himself with people at the helm of affairs like Ijaya 1, arabanbi the 2nd.

    Anonymous said... September 6, 2013 at 8:09 PM

    Weldone but am not too happy with u mentioning ilepako s very bad. I understood how u felt but u shouldn't have took it too far. Moreso u don't need to be counting yor well being on social netwok s dangerous as far as am concerned. Atawewe u are too proud, talk to yorsef

    Anonymous said... August 22, 2014 at 4:55 PM

    May god punish u guys! Wewe is very polite all u need is to meet him personally an u will notice he ( atawewe) is very humble to d highest, don't interface on why u don't know bcoz we all have different perspective in dis life, I can only blame alawiye for taking mention of ile pako, yes u may get it right but, white pap normally comes out of a black pot, up atawewe!

    Anonymous said... November 20, 2015 at 11:04 PM

    i thank god i know both of this guys 1st bolaji is a big lier is not born from idi oro they bring him from ado odo and he was born at ibadan is one of the rice crosser as fayawo at ado odo befor his uncle bring him to lagos and akinbiyi mosque was not belong to your father how can you be lie like that bolaji is not good as a islam musicia say truth and let people no your worth ok and you didnt married for sule at all dont forget atawewe is not your mate together with gbenga you mention over there you also no that you and solo with stailess your managers are mate so stop saying lies agast people that you meet at the place every body no sule father at no4smith street and we all no that alhaji sulemon your uncle brings you and your brother akeem to idi oro so how can you be tellings people big lie alalubarika stop lieying pls is not good for you as a god singer ok we all no both of you guys stories expecially you that they bring to idi oro and you want to spoile the real citizen name sule you have forget that he has help you before even if is small help his help my brother ok i no and everybody no you as a lieyer and formboler in the street what you did have you will say his your own we all no that for you but stop tellings rubbish about sule is not your mate in everythings when sule married his wife from lagos island your at baba tapa custudy as a spiritual working boy with your uncle alhaji but today you says you marry sule wife for him at olosha which is a totally lie and you say your there when sule was giving naming ceremonies at the mosque lier even your uncle that is a ladani at the mosque beore they bring you and akeem your brother self was not employee by then doring that time is alhaji karuu was a ladani before he died bolaji hamoda alawiye alalubarica say the truth and let the devil be ashame ,dont say what you dont no ok is true sule was born at pako house at idi oro,but you that they bring to idi oro stay at moshalashi room or you sleep at mosque if you dint forget that where are you in 1987 by that time you dint have it in your dreams that you will come and stay at idi oro by then sule parform one show in our area that time,for who and where he stay,you that your a late comer how can you narrate a story of real citizen pls we that are born at akinbiyi street no our self ok stop telling peoples lie bolaji alawiye when sule start music your still with baba tappa you also no that your self and you no that im saying true

    Anonymous said... November 20, 2015 at 11:40 PM

    yes my brother you are saying true we all no both of them at idi oro alalubarika is not born at idi oro mushin as you said we that was born at idi oro no our self is true may god bless you for that when the cd they parform at ibadan come to market we are surprice of what alalubarika is saying but we just look at him that is liers we all no him atawewe is better than him in the street and every body no that,and in this fisinity when sule start his musik true to god alalubarika is still with baba tappa as you said truelly alalubarica can not staying here in front of me here at akinbiyi street and says he was born here or akinbiyi mosque belongs to his father or he was there when they are naming sule is a totally rubbish talk and liers even alhaji sulaimon and kekeegbe is uncle are not this this mosque by then and i had that he say he want to nigeria model secondary school at were, maybe at ibadan is not the one at lagos so is better for him to stop this lies that is saying up and down becasue is follwing pasuma now thats is why is saying all this rubbish so that pasuma will give him 50000 naira or less as his doing as user to his people,what i no is that if you forget where you come from just come to akinbiyi and ask the people you meet when they bring you and your brother akeem to lagos we will narrate your stories to you and leave our origenallity 1 citizen for us atawewe ok but always say truth so that people will not talk about your lie comment ok

    Anonymous said... November 22, 2015 at 5:56 PM

    hahahaha how can islam singer alawiye alalubarika just be telling a big lie like that?so he was not born at mushin idi oro they bring him there not even only him with his brother is terrible then for telling a souch big lies like that as a celebrity,when i saw this comment agast alalubarika i make sure i want to idi oro and ask some people there by sence and they show me the place where atawewe was born and the mosque was not belong to alalubarika father, they even show me one house they said that is the place alalubarika uncle alhaji sulaimon stay with his family before they bring alalubarika to lagos that is not born at the place they call the house ile bishi its only there uncle born his children at the place taiye and kehinde with others children before they move to one baba tapa place alawiye uncle is a good man at mosque but his not at akinbiyi mosque when sule was born at no 4 smith street sule atawewe father was a very stritly man they told us at idi oro that sule atawewe father doesn,t wan his son to be musician,but if GOD say yes no nobody can say no my advise for alalubarika is that he should stop saying lies for me i have confarm it my self no ones can tell me about this story again i see where atawewe was born and i see where alawiye alalubarika was staying when they bring him to idi oro and he was not born there even i meet a woman in the house she said he dint no what is saying and she said atawewe senior him but he will not accept because they are all tall in there family they show us 2 to 3 boys at the front of the house,they all say the samething that is a lier is not born at mushin not even idi oro, well my advice for both of them is that they should pls forget about past and start a new life,and sule atawewe pls try to forgive your brother as you said in controversy at ibadan plssssss and alawiye should always respect his senior brother also,thanks to all people that give this true information at idi oro mayGOD bless you all AMEN

    Anonymous said... December 10, 2015 at 12:31 AM

    god will punish you guys for saying rubbish about atawewe all of you that calling your self a musicial expecially that islam singer alawiye or what did you call your self,were are you guys in the old the days when atawewe is supporting pasuma from theres beginings during that time is only atawewe and pasuma we dont even no anyone of you people both fuji and islam that are saying nonsence today sule have been a good brother to pasuma before if not pasuma that misbehave to him wewe love paso and they love eash other too is you people that are cursing problem between both of them because of what you will eat that is why you people dont no your mate,atawewe from idi oro mushin,pasuma from olorun sogo mushin,so pls leave them alone we all no what is happen and we no that atawewe senior all of you that are following pasuma now as a new member unless if we dont like to talk is better for you people to keep short and respect elders and elder should respect him self too

    Anonymous said... March 28, 2016 at 5:34 PM

    atawewe is not in there group even though if he did talk we all know that sulaimon adio akile senior all of them in everything they are just making noise expecially that alawiye ahmada that doest have sence as a islam singer is still saying lies he dint knows were he was born because of atenuje thief ole barawoo he says he was born at idi oro and he went to nigeria model lie lie boy you better go and take care of your first wife rashida and your children that you just abardon over there is not good like that the life your leaving is not good at all as a islam singer so that people will not talk about you again is a disgrace to you ok pls is an advice to you stop saying what you dint know about somebody and stop lie and makesure you resettle your first wife and childrend ok

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