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    Monday, July 8, 2013

    WHY I AM STILL SINGLE -Dejo Tunfulu

    The comic act is a darling of many lovers of Yoruba Nollywood, and the Lagos-based actor has continued to wax stronger by the day.
    Dejo Tunfulu, who said he is a single parent, revealed that he is still searching for a wife material.
    In this interview, the star comedian/actor spoke about his adventure in the movie industry, what he has been doing as an actor and why he decided to be in the industry.

    How easy has it been for you to play the role of a funny character in films?
    It is talent; it is not difficult for me.

    How did you develop the talent?
    One of my friends in school was a stammerer, so I developed the character from him.

    When did you start acting?
    I started from my school days, when I joined an entertainment society in the school around 1987/1988.

    What have been your experiences since then?
    When I left school, I joined some organisations like Arabanla Theatre Group, we were doing 'Theatre Omode' on NTA 10, later I joined Kolawole International Theatre Group.

    Like how many films have you acted in?
    I can't recollect all of them, but I have taken part in many films.

    Have you ever produced any movie personally?
    Yes, I produced 'Bomboy,' 'Ero Ibanisoro,' 'BRF,' 'Boda Ode,' and a new one that is yet to be released, 'Oponu Meta.'

    How rewarding has the job been, especially as a producer and actor?
    As a journalist, you know about piracy, it is something else in Nigeria. We are trying to control it, but without the support of the government, there is nothing we can do.

    What has been keeping you going, do you do any other work?
    I am a professional printer, I build website also apart from producing and acting.

    Can you tell us about your marital life?
    I am a single parent.

    Why, is it because it is the trend amongst actors and actresses?
    It is not like that, it is personal.

    Are you planning to marry again?
    Yes, of course, but I am still searching.

    As a practitioner, what are some of the problems you see in the industry?
    In a profession, there must be problems; we have so many of them.
    People have talked about the quality of some of your films in Nollywood and the frequency…
    That is part of our problems in the industry, some can produce four to seven films in a year, but I produce only one film in a year.

    We hear there are caucuses in the industry, which one do you belong to and who are the people there?
    I belong to a caucus with Mr. Latin, Opebe and many others like that.

    Where do you see the industry in the nearest future?

    The answer is not in the future, I want the Nigerian movie industry to move higher now, we can be like Hollywood, or Bollywood.

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