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    Monday, August 25, 2014

    Why I Killed My Boss And Lover -Killer Of Edmark MD

    What could have prompted a 39 year-old woman to fall in love with a 31 year-old young man? Whatever her reasons were, the late Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Edmark International, Njideka Lizzy Nzewi must have regretted ever falling in love with Mr. Kelechukwu Williams.
    31-year-old Kelechukwu had reportedly strangled to death his lover, Njideka Lizzy Nzewi, at the Amuwo Odofin, Festac area of Lagos State.
    Surprisingly, Kelechukwu recently told the police that he killed her because he thought she was cheating on him.
    Williams said that the late Nzewi, 39, a mother of four, made him to jilt his former lover because she wanted him to be faithful to her, thus he expected her to do the same.
    The police believe that the murder of Nzewi was not an accident as Williams is claiming.
    The police said that he got a passport bearing her name. ‘This singular act proved that he had intention of killing her,’ the police said.
    According to Williams, on the night he murdered her, which was a Friday, Nzewi left home in the morning only to return at about midnight, reeking of alcohol. While he was asking her where she went, her phone rang.

    He picked a call and heard the voice of a man asking: “Baby, are you home?” That apparently infuriated Williams, who lost control. The lovers started fighting. He said: “She held my penis.
    “She had a short tight and a tank top. A wrapper was around her neck. She wanted to go and bath. I used the wrapped around her neck to strangle her. “When I left her apartment and locked the doors, I knew she was dead.”
    Ironically, Nzewi was killed rooms away from her four kids, maid and security guard.

    Williams added: “The children and house girl were in another room in the house. “They didn’t know what was happening. When I killed her, I was confused. I didn’t take any money from the house. I only took her two phones. I had her ATM card. “I went to the gate and told the security that his madam and I would be going to the club that I wanted to go and cash money.”
    The security guard, John Tungwin, who was the only person that knows the woman’s ATM Personal Identification Number, fell for Williams.
    Tungwin followed the suspect to the ATM and provided the PIN. They cashed about N100,000. When they got to the gate of the house, Williams said he wanted to go and pick his friend first and then he would come and pick Nzewi. He left with the woman’s Range Rover and never came back until he was arrested at Abidjan border as he was fleeing Ghana, where he resides and ran to after he killed his lover. Police had earlier alleged that the suspect made away with the deceased’s Range Rover Sports Utility Vehicle, phones, $50,000 and N8 million meant for the running of her business.

    Williams denied the allegations, insisting there was no money in the house. Addressing journalists, the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Umar Manko said: “On July, 19, the suspect appeared from Ghana to visit the deceased whom he called his lover.
    “They met in Ghana. He had visited twice. The third visit ended in tragedy. “He came in on July 18, but on 19, he woke up and told the security guard that he was sent by the lady to go and cash money from ATM for her. “He drove off and disappeared.” Manko said that the following morning, Tungwin became suspicious after his madam did not come out and the room was locked.
    Using a borrowed ladder, he climbed, peeped into the window and discovered that the woman was on the ground of the room.

    Manko added: “He disappeared to Ghana. “The Area E Commander, Mr. Dan Okoro, got in touch with Interpol and police in Ghana. “The Jeep was tracked and he was arrested on his way out of Ghana. “He was caught at the border, with his load already packed into the woman’s car.”
    Williams said he had known Lizzy for years, but they became lovers in February.
    When he came to Nigeria to see her, they had gone out on Thursday. On Friday, she left him at home in the morning to rest. She said she was going to check on her house at Satellite Town.
    When it was 6pm, Williams said he became worried and called her number over 30 times.
    The phone rang but she did not pick. By the time she got back at about 12 midnight, Williams was fuming. He said: “When she returned, I asked where she went.
    “I told her I had been calling her phone. “She said it was on silent. “I noticed she was drunk. “I asked her why she left me at home and went out. “Someone called, but she didn’t want to pick.
    “I picked it and heard a guy’s voice. “I reminded her how she broke my phone in Ghana when she came to visit and picked my call to hear a woman calling my line. “We started quarreling.
    “She threw my things out. “I told her to give me the N300,000 I gave her to buy generator.
    “She said she didn’t have money, that she was expecting some money from Edmark. “I told her to give me her ATM to go and check. “We fought over taking control of her phone. “She slapped me and I slapped her back.” Williams said that all he took away from the house were the deceased’s phones.
    He said that he drove around until morning hours because he was confused. He said that he knew Nzewi’s brothers were coming over that day because she was planning to move to her new house. He could not face them, he said.
    He said: “If I go back, the brothers could kill me.

    “I met Lizzy in Ghana when she used to come and buy shoes. “I sell fairly used clothes.
    “No, I don’t work for her or Edmark. “She doesn’t give me money. “We later met again at Nnewi and became friends.”
    According to the police, when Williams got to Ghana, he went to church for thanksgiving that he had bought a car.
    But he said that the police were lying. He said: “Yes, I went to church, but not to celebrate.
    “All my friends knew Lizzy. “They knew the jeep belonged to her. “I couldn’t have gone to church to celebrate the car.” Asked how he felt now, Williams said: “I feel bad because she was good to me.” He said that Nzewi used to come to Ghana to buy shoes, but later told him to be bringing the shoes to Nigeria for her. She was running the business alongside the Edmark business.

    Recalling the horror of that night, Williams said: “I left my former lover because of Lizzy. “She demanded it. “On that fateful night, the kids were in another wing of the apartment. “It was a man that caused this problem. “Her behaviour showed that she was cheating on me. “I had never proposed to her, but maybe things would work out later.” The secondary school certificate holder, who said he had known Nzewi since 2011, added that she had never wronged him until that night.
    Tungwin, Lizzy’s security man said: “It was about midnight when Williams came and said that madam asked him to go and cash money from ATM for him. “He said they were going to a night club and needed money.

    “I was the only person who knows the ATM number aside from her. “I followed him to the ATM and we cashed N100,000. “He dropped me at the gate and said he was going to pick a friend to join him and madam. “In the morning, madam didn’t come out and the door was locked. “I called Williams, he picked but said that I shouldn’t worry that he was coming home. “When he didn’t come home, I knew something bad must have happened to madam. “I went to the next compound to borrow a ladder. “I climbed and peeped into her room and saw her on the ground.
    “She was not moving. “Madam’s kids, who were with me, were worried since they had not seen their mother. “When I climbed the ladder, they were with me. “But I couldn’t tell them what I saw. “I called the house maid and told her.”

    Christian Mekowulu, the elder brother of Nzewi, said that there was no doubt in his mind that Williams killed his kid sister because he wanted to take over her money. Mekowulu insisted that the lady had about $50,000, which he alleged Williams must have taken. His words: “My sister is the number one person in Edmark in Nigeria. “She brought Edmark to Nigeria. “She sells shoes as a sort of part time. “Williams and my sister just met at Nnewi. “He said he wanted to marry her, but she said he was too young. “She even called me to tell me about him and his proposal. “They’ve dating like for three months. “I know that the $50,000 is with her because she told me that she would give him money to bring in goods for her.”

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