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    Monday, March 23, 2015

    How My Family Drove My Brother To Suicide In UK …The Sad Story of a Nigerian Family Destroyed By Hatred -UK-Based Blogger, Mojisola Adebayo

    An elder sister of the late Adeola Osinuga, Mojisola Adebayo makes shocking revelations about his death.
    Today, March 16, 2015, I am using it to honour his memory by publishing “The Untold Story” of a very good friend and loving brother, Adeola Osinuga who committed suicide on the 27th of July, 2013, two days after his 36th birthday, and left a suicide note which baffles me till this day! I am still in shock and disbelieve over his death. Life Is A Battle!
    On July 27th, 2013 my brother Adeola Osinuga committed suicide. His death is still a mystery to me!
     Adeola’s younger brother Aderinsola Osinuga was preparing for marriage, July 28, 2013.
    The last time I spoke with my brother, Adeola was on his birthday, 25th of July, 2013. I called him two times, no response. I left a voicemail and text message on his phone and wished him Happy Birthday. He called me back in the evening, but I noticed, he didn’t sound too happy and as excited as he used to be when we talk over the phone. I asked if everything was okay with him, he said yes. In the course of our conversation, he opened up to me and said that he had no money to buy himself a shirt for the wedding day and that he was not excited about the wedding anyway; he might not be there for the wedding, he said.

    He also complained to me on the phone that day, that whenever the other siblings are talking and discussing with each other, especially Aderinsola, the groom-to-be and Abiola, senior sister, and when he comes around into their midst, they will stop their conversation and start to laugh instead, that really bothers him and he is not happy about the situation. I gave him my words of encouragement, and I told him my true feelings as well, that the same goes for me, that I am not happy to come to the wedding myself. I said to him that many people will condemn our actions and say we are not happy for our brother getting married. So, to encourage him to come to the wedding, I said to him not to worry, I wanted to give him money as a gift for his birthday anyway, but I will increase the money and bring along £200 for him when coming to London on the 27th of July, 2013. I asked him, if I should give the money to our so-called mother, he said NO, I should bring it along with me when coming. He promised to pick me up at Stratford station, as I have already said, that I will stay with him for my 3 days in London.
    I had to exchange my Euros to Pounds, my so-called mother suggested that she will help me with the exchange of the money from her bank without paying commission. She later called me, and asked if I want to get the money exchanged (£750) when I get to London or she brings it to my house? I said, she should please bring it to my house, because I needed transportation money from Stansted airport to Stratford. She asked me if I will give her €5.00 for petrol when she comes around, and I replied, no problem. She came by, dropped the money, and I gave her €10.00 instead and asked her to give £500.00 to my brother, the groom-to-be as my cash gift towards his wedding, I collected £250 from her and she left.
    On 27th July, 2013, I started my journey very early in the morning from Dublin, arrived Stansted Airport around 9.30am, I called Adeola on his phone, no answer, called again numerous times, no answer. I headed straight for Stratford station, thinking he will call me back, but no response from him. I got to Stratford around 10.30a.m still could not get through to him, then, I was confused and perplexed. I called my other siblings, but they told me they were all busy with the wedding preparations.  At this point, I said to myself, it seems I am not welcome, after roaming Stratford station for more than 3 hours, waiting for Adeola’s call or any of the family member, but no luck. I had to find my way to the nearest internet cafe to look for a Bed and Breakfast near Stratford to stay for my 3 nights in London. While I was still searching on the internet, I got a phone call from Aderinsola, the groom-to-be, that he will come and pick me up around 1.30pm. He finally came, picked me up and we headed towards Adeola’s house since that was where I wanted to stay; nobody invited me to stay with them anyway.
    We got to his apartment, and Aderinsola told me his car was not in the parking lot, so he is not at home. He did not bother to get down from his car to go and knock on his door. He just said, may be he did not want to help out in the marriage preparation. So, we left and I followed him everywhere because he had a lot of things to do, it was a day before his wedding.
    In the evening, we went back to Adeola’s apartment to check on him again, still no sign of his car in the parking lot. We had to turn back and we went to our brother’s house Adesola (my junior brother). On getting there he called me aside and said, “There’s something they are not telling us”. It seems our so-called mother and Abiola (my junior sister); know something, he said. So we were just very suspicious and confused at the same time. After spending some time in his house, I was taken to the bride-to-be house to help them out and prepare some dishes for the next day wedding party. I was all alone in the house, while we were still waiting for the phone call from Adeola.
    Around 10.00pm, I had a phone call from my brother Aderinsola that they have found him in the room dead. When I had the news of his death “I was numb with shock”. I dropped the phone and I started crying all alone in the house. Few minutes later, I called them and it was my so-called mother that picked up the phone and I asked her was there anything they could still do to save him, she replied and said “He has died, He has died, so what?“… So what?!!!, I dropped the phone and started crying again and shouting which kind of a mother is this… So What?!
    Later, around 11.00pm, I got a call from them that they had sent a taxi to come and pick me up from the house to come and see him and that they were all there too. So, I picked up my luggage, the taxi came and I got to his apartment at 29 Lupin Crescent, Ilford IG1 2JR, around 12.00a.m (midnight i.e July 28, 2013). As, I got out from the taxi, all my siblings were outside and our so-called mother was standing there just looking at me as if I came from another planet. All my four siblings including my mother did not cry, no grief of his death in anyway. I asked them where he was, they all stood there, pointed to the top apartment that he was upstairs. I quickly ran to the apartment and there he was on the bed, stone-dead. (The Saddest Day of My Life). I started crying again, and kept saying Adeola,
    The Police officer Gemma, who was there asked me, how am I related to him? And I said, he was my younger brother and I am the eldest in the family. She then came up to me after a few minutes, and said “Why? It is only you showing emotions, and the others are not?” I said to her “I too do not understand myself”, it baffles me, no grief, no emotions, no feelings, nothing, they all just stood there as if nothing happened. Hmmm… Household Wickedness. This is what opened my eyes that was the last time I saw my siblings and my so-called mother, I had to keep my distance from all of them since that day. Something is not right here, but I cannot put my finger on exactly what it is.
    So, the police officer came up to me again and asked me all their names and information of my siblings and she made a shocking revelation to me about the night which I am not going to disclose here; I am still in shock.
    Around 1.30am, my sister, Abiola came up to the police officer and said they wanted to go home and rest, what? I have never had that before leaving your dead brother’s corpse still lying there while we are waiting for the morgue attendant to come for his body, you said you all want to go home and have a rest! Just too much to take in, unbelievable! So, all my siblings and my so-called mother left and I was the only family member left behind, all alone with the corpse. I still could not believe it?
    Anyway, around 3.00a.m, the morgue attendant came for his dead body and that was the last I did see of my beloved brother – Very, Very Sad!
    I had nowhere to go, my only option is to return back to Dublin, I said to myself. So the police officer gave me a local cab number and she left. There was this Irish flat mate in the house, I went to meet him and asked his permission to use is computer to buy myself a new ticket. He allowed me and I bought a new one-way ticket from an internet travel agency website, gave him cash and I used his credit card for the purchase. I Left the house around 3.30a.m to Stansted Airport with the cab, my new flight was scheduled to leave early in the morning 6.30a.m to Dublin.
    On getting to the airport, I went to the checking-in desk to present my ticket for a boarding pass, but instead, I got the shock of my life. The lady looked at me and said you are not flying today. I said to her, my ticket is for today, 28th of July, 2013, she said no, your ticket date is 28th of August, 2013. I was dumbfounded. Can you imagine! I bought the wrong travel date out of shock and confusion, even the Irish man who helped me, could not believe it too when I told him over the phone because he was there, we both selected the date. “Just Too Bad”, I had the worst time of my life.
    I was left stranded at Stansted Airport for 3 days, no money, and I now used my previously purchased return ticket back to Dublin on Tuesday Morning. Throughout my stay at the airport, no phone call from my siblings or my so-called mother.
    To my surprise they went ahead with the wedding ceremony of his younger brother Aderinsola, on that same day, 28th of July, 2013. They were all happy [rejoicing] and full of joy, dancing, jubilating and celebrating as if nothing happened, no respect for the dead at all. Oh my God!… Let the wickedness of the wicked EXPIRE!!! In the Name of Jesus.

    Adeola Osinuga Suicide Not;
    “There is a war going on inside my head every day.
    A battle, which cannot be won
    I’m fighting with my shadows, with my demons.
    I’m fighting myself.
    And it’s killing me slowly.”

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