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    Saturday, November 12, 2016

    Mohammed Babangida's Estranged Wife, Rahama May Go To Jail Over Contempt of Court

    The estranged wife of the son of former military head of state, Mohammed Babangida, Rahama appears to be playing to the gallery over the custody of two of their four children.

    Rahama, a daughter of billionaire owner of Oriental Energy, Alhaji Mohammed Indimi, has continually been keeping the children from her ex-husband, Mohammed despite the ruling of a court, which gave the custody of the four children to him.

    The lady, who many said exhibits bad manners, is said to have continued to keep the children, and has also taken to Instagram in a bid to use social media to justify her decision not to obey the court order and also to subtly blackmail the ex-husband.

    It will be recalled that Rahama had abandoned these same children in Minna for three years, and relocated to Abuja.
    "She was not there when her first child graduated from primary school in Minna.

    Even as a mother, whatever the situation, she should have shown some form of concern for the children in those three years but she didn’t," a source said.

    We were informed that Rahama had at various times threatened Mohammed over the issue by telling him point blank that she knew that his family name was at stake and therefore he should co-operate, which we gathered is what she eventually resorted to.

    Since the court ordered that the status quo be maintained, the Police in enforcement of the order, had tried many times to have the order enforced but we gathered that Rahama keeps stopping them from having their way.

    Sources stated that even, when Rahama traveled out of Nigeria to Saudi Arabia recently, her sister, who had the children in her custody, also played the same game and kept the children away from their father.

    The latest story however, has it that Mohammed had informed the court of what he was going through in the hands of his estranged wife over the matter and that he was eventually given nine policemen and a court bailiff, who went to the school, where their mother had now enrolled them against all entreaties, to enforce the order of the court and take the children to their father.

    A source hinted that this became impossible as Rahama had deliberately employed an aggressive lady as a minder for the children. It was this lady, who started the ugly drama that played out, when the policemen went to enforce the court order.

    Do you know what she did immediately she cited the officers, she grabbed and pulled the children, and if force had been used definitely, the lady could not have over-powered the policemen and the court bailiff.

    "The operation was subsequently suspended solely because the police and the court bailiff avoided a scenario, where the children could be injured,' said a source.

    Observers have now concluded that Rahama’s season of uncultured attitude and uncivilized manner have gone a full circle.

    They stated that all that she is manifesting are in defiance to the directive of her father, Alhaji Mohammed Indimi, some respected northern elders, including Baba Gana Kingibe and others.

    According to them, Rahama shouldn't have behaved in such an unruly manner to Mohammed, whose father, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida (rtd.) helped their father to make it big in life, when he was military head of state.

    "You could see how her other controversial sister also used and dumped her own husband before ultimately settling down with a fruit seller from Mali, who also abandoned his wife and children to live with her.

    Rahama is an ingrate and I believe she must go to jail for her unruly behaviour, afterall she remains the mother of the children and Mohammed only wanted to train the children for the sake of the two of them," a source offered.

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