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    Thursday, April 6, 2017

    Good Look: Manicure, Pedicure To The Rescue

    It is said that, a good look exhumes confidence. And, being healthy is the best wealth any human can crave.
    People who understand the value their body give it the attention it deserves.
    After all, what is the importance of wealth to a body that is not healthy?
    Talking about a healthy body- apart from the face, the most exposed part is the hands and feet, as they are always on show.
    Irrespective of the occasion, the hands and feet attract attention always; on casual, with pretty sandals and bare feet, the fingers and toenails are exposed to scrutiny.
    Beautiful nails are asset and can be obtained by everyone including gentlemen, who desire them natural, well filed and shaped. For this reason, only a professional can come to the rescue.
    It is important to look after feet and hands especially now that everybody can do it. But, how many can do it professionally?
    Regular manicures and pedicures will enhance the health of the fingernails and toenails, promoting faster growth and maintaining well moisturised cuticles.
    A good looking hands and feet is an immaculate impression of a well groomed appearance.
    Everyone can benefit from a manicure or pedicure treatment. It is deeply relaxing, can give confidence to the receiver about their appearance & help maintain healthy hands, feet & nails.
    A good manicure will clean and shape the nails and treat the cuticles, which is vital for keeping the nails healthy and strong.

    During a manicure, the hands will be exfoliated to remove dead skin cells and to improve circulation and stimulate blood flow. A manicure generally but not always includes painting the nails.
    Prevention is much better than cure and with regular care one will not need to worry about conditions which can be painful and unsightly.
    Regular Manicure & Pedicure treatments will help to prevent and eradicate common conditions such as Ingrown Toe Nails, Fungal Nails, Thickened Nails, Brittle Nails, Curved Nails, Bitten Nails & even the incorrect use/removal of artificial nails.
    A good manicure and pedicure, apart from promoting good appearance of the hands and toenails, will prevent any nail disease or disorder.
    For a good manicure and pedicure, visit Meddy Spa at 19, Olatunde Onimole Street, Aguda, Surulere, Lagos.  
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