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    Friday, July 28, 2017

    Six New Things You Can Do With Google Search

    Google is arguably the most popular search engine on the Web today, but most people barely scratch the surface of what Google can really do. The majority of Nigerians are familiar with Google’s search engine, with the phrase “to ‘google’” acquiring the status of a verb. Indeed, most arguments are often resolved with the decision to google the subject/object of contention as a means of identifying which party is correct. As part of its ‘Google for Nigeria’ drive, which commenced in Lagos on Wednesday, the global digital giant has announced some new features in ‘Google Search’ that aim to make ‘Search’ more relevant for Nigerians, saving them time and ensuring they can use ‘Search’ to get what they need, when they need it, no matter where they are.

    From excerpts of an interactive session with Google’s Chief Executive Officer, Sundar Pitchai, here are six new things you can do with Google Search from your mobile devices:

    Consume less data when browsing
    Search Lite is a new feature that streamlines search results and websites down to their essentials so they load with less data and at high speed, even on devices with low random access memory. With Search Lite, you can expect your searches to load five times faster while consuming 90 per cent less data from now on.

    Background Retry helps you recover failed searches
    With Background Retry, the Google app will notify you with the results of search queries that failed due to poor connectivity once your device regains its connection. This comes in handy when your device’s connectivity is poor and search results take longer time to load. By the time they do, you’ve likely forgotten about the search or the opportunity has passed.

    Shuttle less between apps with Gboard
    With Google’s new keyboard – Gboard, you no longer have to shuttle between apps to use the Google app for searches. For instance, if you’re chatting with friends about your dinner plans and they ask for the restaurant address, ordinarily, you would need to go from your messaging app to the Google app to search for the address, copy it, go back to your messaging app, paste it, and finally hit the send button. With Gboard, you can search from your keyboard, no matter what app you’re in, just by hitting the Google button.

    Keep up with favourite celebs using Google Posts
    Posts on Google makes it possible for musicians, entertainers and, in the future, other public figures to post updates, images and videos directly on Google so that when you search for them on your devices, you can get all this information straight from them. Although recently introduced by Google, a few of the most popular Nigerian musicians are already on board. Following the United States and Brazil, Nigeria is now the third country where this feature has been made available.

    Use ‘The Feed’ to stay in touch with useful contents
    By using the recently improved Feed on the Google app homepage, you can discover relevant and useful content and articles from across the web tailored to your interests. This collection of recommendations is constantly being refreshed, and gets smarter the more you use it, keeping you in the know based on your interests and Google history.

    Get symptoms and treatments for various ailments with Local Health Search
    Due to the increasing volume of health-related searches, which has been placed at one in every 20 globally, Google has improved the results for such enquiries. Nigeria, incidentally, has been earmarked as one of the first countries that will get locally tailored health search results later this year. By the end of 2017, over 800 knowledge cards detailing common symptoms and treatments for the most prevalent health conditions in Nigeria will be accessible during searches. What this means is that from your mobile device, you can get accurate diagnosis and treatments for several common ailments without having to visit a doctor. Working in partnership with the University of Ibadan, Google has taken steps to ensure that Nigerian doctors, for local relevance and accuracy, have reviewed every answer.
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