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    Monday, December 18, 2017

    Heal The World Movement, Showers Milk of Human Kindness On Indigent Patients in Hospitals

    L-R: Deaconess Yinka Bali; Director of Welfare and Scholarships, Pastor Banji Bali; Director of Mission Affairs, Pastor Wumi Olukilede and Dr Tola Olukilede, all of "Heal The World Movement" praying for patients at the General Hospital in Gbagada in Lagos during their hospital visitation held in Lagos hospitals recently
    When great   passion  meets  a  burning desire  it   crystallizes  into actions which creates   beautiful narratives  bond to put smiles on faces  while  planting  evergreen memories in  human  minds , this sums up   the scene which played out  when   President Heal The World Movement  Incorporated , Dr  Tola Olukilede   and his team visited   the Federal Medical Centre (FMC)  Ebute Metta  and General Hospital Gbagada, both in Lagos State..

    October   5th  2017  will  remain   evergreen  in  the  minds  of   indigent patients in these  hospitals visited, this day  was  set aside by  the  movement  after a 31-Days  fasting and prayer, to reach out  to   indigent  patients    with gift items, food  materials, toiletries  and cash as part of their efforts to  minister   to   the needy. Other members of the team include: Director of Mission Affairs, Pastor Wumi Olukilede, Director of Welfare and Scholarships, Pastor Banji Bali and his wife, Deaconess Yinka Bali; Director of Hospital Visitation, Pastor Dayo Omotoun amongst others.

    Arriving the FMC, Ebute Metta in Lagos at about 11: 00am that Sunday morning in company of the Managing Director of Toyota Nigeria Limited, Mr. Kunle Ade-Ojo, and the movement was received by the Head of Department, Medical Services, Mrs. Pat Isichei who ushered them into various sections of the hospital.
    Taking off from the GYNAE ward, Mrs. Isichei took the members of the movement through the male medical ward, children ward, labour ward where the Man of God took quality time to pray for the patients, one after the other.
    A patient   receiving a  cash  gift  from one  of  the officials   of  Heal  The  World   Mission.

    Managing  Director  Toyota Nigeria,  Mr Kunle   Ade –Ojo  in  a   handshake  with  President  Heal    The  World  Mission    Dr.  Tola  Olukilede,  while other  members  look  on..

    L-R: Director of Welfare and Scholarships “Heal The World Movement”, Pastor Banji Bali; Managing Director, Toyota Nigeria Limited (TNL), Mr. Kunle Ade-Ojo; Chief Medical Director (CMD), Gbagada General Hospital, Dr. Tayo Lawal; National Coordinator, “Heal The World Movement”, Dr. Tola Olukilede and his wife, Pastor Wumi Olukilede when the movement paid a charity visit to patients at both the Federal Medical Centre (FMC) Ebute Metta and General Hospital Gbagada, both in Lagos State recently. 

    Two  patients  appreciating  a  cash  gift    from    Heal  The   World   Mission.
    Dr. Olukilede  also , used the occasion to minister to the patients, urging them to be fateful to God at all times, despite whatever they might be passing through at the moment.
    Assuring them that Jesus Christ is the greatest healer, Olukilede noted that  “Heal The World Movement” came to the hospital with strong faith, believing in the Almighty God  who  sent them. He therefore, encouraged them, that there is no sickness God cannot heal, just as he handed cash to some of the indigent patients from ward to ward.

    Speaking on the essence of the visit, Olukilede said “the essence of today’s visit is to demonstrate  God’s  love  for  mankind, especially those that their cases are hopeless. Those that want to go home but can’t go home; those that are not walking; those that are not standing the way we do and those that can’t even do any exercise on their own. It is  good and visit them. Jesus Christ said “for those that would make heaven is those that, when He was at the hospital, they visited him, prayed for him; when He was naked, they clothed him according to Mathew 26: 32-38. That is just what we are trying to do; to show the love of God and to help people financially. Buying drugs and settling their medical bills. That is what we have just done”.

    On the amount spent, Olukilede who said that more hospitals would be visited in few weeks to come added “We just ministered to the utmost needs. We are still going to spend more because we found out that there is a bill one lady cannot fulfill. It runs into N200, 000 but we are going to clear all those things. But what I am saying is this. It is not the amount that matters but the love that we have shown. We will keep on doing that, until Jesus Christ comes”.

    Speaking on his involvement in the hospital visitation, Ade-Ojo said he his participation arises from the fact that he has always been passionate about people.
    “I am somebody who is passionate about people. By being passionate is not about what we are just doing alone. It is all about sacrificing our time and trying to touch people who really need our help. That is the main purpose here. And  the fact that we are not doing it for ourselves but for the glory of God. It has been a passion of mine for a while but because I am very busy, I have not been able to carry it out. And I thank God for this opportunity.
    “This is the first  I have been able to do. And I pray to God I would be able to do more in the coming years. I am happy to have been here. There are lots of people who are not very well; we have prayed for them and given them material stuffs. We pray that God will heal them and continue to provide for them. And at the end of the day, they will come and give testimonies for what God has done in their lives”, Ade-Ojo said.

    In her response, Isichei commended the group, saying “The Heal The World Movement”, the Dr Olukilede and his wife, Pastor Wumi Olukilede have been friends of the poor patients in FMC. It has become very traditional for them to come every year with love, money and provisions for the patients and they got healed. Every year they come, they don’t leave the patients empty handed. We are grateful to them for their time, resources and the show of love and patience”

    Speaking further she  hinted that  “Once  they come, they don’t come empty handed. They have given huge sums of money today and they have pledged to pay the huge bills of a particular patient. They give us so much money and we are very grateful”.
    From FMC, Ebute Metta, the team moved straight to General Hospital in Gbagada, Lagos where they were received by the Chief Medical Director (CMD), Dr. Tayo Lawal.

    At Gbagada hospital the group also donated 2 brand new Scanfrost wall split Air Conditioner to the hospital, a pledge which they had made in their previous visit. They also offered to give prayers and financial assistance to any patient who may be in need at the hospital.

    But in his address, Dr. Lawal stated that with the way the hospital operates, they may not be able to see those who are not able to pay since the hospital management always advise such category of patients to leave the hospital.

    “On behalf of General Hospital Gbagada and Lagos State Government, I thank you all. This hospital started since 1983 during the Lateef Jakande administration. Since then, we have been making progress and we have daily attendance of about 1,000 per day. We are happy that you have chosen Gbagada General Hospital as one of the hospitals chosen. You cannot afford to get people who cannot pay much on the ward because the pressure on us is much in terms of space. Those who can’t pay are advised to go home. The only indigent people you can find here are those picked on the roads and who don’t have anywhere to go. They don’t have anybody ab-initio until the Social Welfare department refers them to a social welfare home”.

    Dr. Lawal who appreciated the group commended their efforts to donate to the hospital, just as he expressed his appreciation for all their efforts to ensure that they come all the way from Ota in Ogun State.
    The team was further taken round the hospital by the Assistant Director, Nursing Services (ADNS), Mrs. Rashidat Adenrele Omobitan where Dr Olukilede prayed for all the patients.
    Wards visited at the Gbagada hospital include: Combined ward, pre-natal and GYNAE wards, female medical ward, female surgical ward, new born baby ward amongst others.

    Over the years, hospital visitation has become part of the “Heal The World Movement”. During such exercise, the movement uses the occasion to help patients in the hospital financially and spiritually. As part of their humanitarian tasks, they also sponsor orphans, widows and the aged in the society as part of their contributions to charity.
    Heal The  World Movement is  a Non-denominational  Christian charity movement based in Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria,  with branches all over the Federation and globally. One of the mission   of the movement among others  is  hospital visitation  during such exercise, the movement  help patients in the hospital financially and spiritually. As part of their humanitarian tasks and a way of  giving  back  to  the society. 

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