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    Friday, April 27, 2018

    How I Won The 3 Crowns 30 Days Fitness Challenge and Fell in Love with The Brand

    My love affair with Three Crowns Milk started in March 2017, just about a year ago and I thought to share the journey with you and let you know how you can get started on your own journey.
    If someone had told me I’ll be here writing this article 12 months ago I’d have argued it.

    How was I going to get to that point of having an affiliation with a household brand like Three Crowns Milk?
    Well, except for a miracle and I’ll just wait for the miracle to happen before I believe this one.

    So how did it happen?
    I just decided to start using my abandoned instagram account at the time and was only learning how to use the platform when I saw a post shared by Shedams Fitness about a fitness challenge being organized by Three Crowns Milk.

    At the time my enthusiasm had began to wane, I had been away from the gym and my exercise routine for about 2 weeks and needed some motivation to get my groove back on.

    I thought to myself… “why not?”
    You know it’s kind of encouraging when you join a challenge with a group of people right? Exactly.
    I followed Three Crowns Milk and joined the challenge.
    They kept announcing weekly winners and I really didn’t care because my main goal was to get the motivation to get back my fitness routine using the accountability the challenge provided.

    And I did.

    It was not until the final winners were announced and my name was a part of it that I began to realize that they were serious.

    “Is this a joke or what? You mean I was going to get compensated for doing what will make me healthy?”

    We were asked to send in our details via DM and I did.

    And in a few days I got my gifts… and I was amazed.

    So many things…a yoga mat, smoothie blender, a smart watch, 2 water bottles, socks, milk, t-shirts and lots of other things.

    I was really amazed because I thought… you help me get my groove back and then give me a gift for doing that?

    I began to follow them closely and realized what the brand represent…

    “Healthy Mums,happy families “


    That message got to me deeply because I am a Mum, I work with women to help them lose weight and keep fit,so I know the value of a healthy mum in a family.

    So I followed them closely afterwards until I found a post for the mom of the year contest.

    I was amazed. It just dawned on me that three crowns milk were really committed to the success of mothers.

    I really wanted in on it so I called my friends in Abuja and Lagos to help me get the special pack for nomination and they did.

    A few days later I got a call stating that I had been nominated for the mom of the year contest. I got another call a few days later and was interviewed as one of the top Twenty (20) for the mom of the year contest and another to confirm I made it to Top Six (6) that would be going to Lagos.

    I was called to come with a family member and decided to go with my husband.

    It was an all-expense paid trip…

    And the treatment was a first class treatment.

    At some point on the journey, because of the kind of attention they gave… they kept calling to check up with me severally and know how it was coming along on the journey to the point that my husband began to suspect if it was a sham and we just moved on in faith.

    And guess what? It turned out to be a mini-honey moon rather than just a competition!

    I loved every bit of it.

    On the day of the contest, I was called upon early hours of the morning and invited for a facial treatment session.

    I couldn’t even recognize myself after the makeup session.

    I was given the kind of attention all these celebrities enjoy… just like that!

    I had the privilege of meeting so many celebrities and people I had only seen on TV before then… the exposure was massive!

    I came fourth after the contest… I was given gift vouchers. One I can purchase anything of choice from anywhere and another one of a family dinner + other branded gifts and milk.

    They followed up with me to ensure I had a special 5 star dinner at a top class restaurant with my family. (My kids still request that I take them there today)

    So why am I sharing all these?

    People keep asking me whenever they see a three crown products with me … especially at the gym since I mostly use my own Three Crowns branded products at the gym or when I post anything online with Three Crowns in it

    Are you an ambassador for the brand?

    Do you or any of your family members work with three crowns?

    How were you able to get such affiliations with the brand?

    After answering several messages directly and inbox/DM, I’ve decided to outline the process from my story for you especially since another opportunity is opened for you to get the same level of affiliation I got.

    Here you go;

    1. Follow them on social media
    The first step is to follow them on social media.
    These opportunities to connect with the brand are usually posted on their social media handles.
    When I saw that opportunity open at about this time last year, I followed them on Instagram and I liked their page on Facebook.

    Do the same thing.

    Here are the links to their pages

    Instagram -@3crownsmilk

     Facebook page –  https://www.facebook.com/ThreeCrownsMilk/

    2. Engage –
    Engage with the brand on social media platforms. It’s not enough to just follow them on social media, engage. Read and comment or like their posts depending on the content.

    This will not only show you’re interested in the brand but it will ensure you see more of their posts because the more you engage with a brand, the more content you get from them.

    I do this consistently and so it was almost natural that I saw the announcement for Mom of the Year contest.

    3. Participate – Get involved
    When you see contests, quizzes and other announcements that happen on their social media channels, get involved. Participate.
    If you don’t participate you don’t stand a chance but when you participate, you never know how far this will lead you.
    Remember I didn’t even join the fitness challenge to win right? I just wanted to get my groove back and look where it brought me.

    4. Key into the brand vision, what they represent.
    Having followed the first three steps, here’s one final thing I want you to really pay attention to.
    Beyond the actions, it is important that you connect with the brand’s vision for healthy mothers. That way, it will help you make sense of all the motions involved and enable you see the big picture.

    And there’s no better time to join them…

    I started following them on social media around this time last year during the fitness challenge and the challenge is open again for you to join.

    Simply check out their instagram page @3crownsmilk and join in the challenge.

    So there you have it… my three crowns love affair; how it all started and how you can get involved.
    This has been a pretty long read, I hope this helps you.
    Do you have any questions you need me to help you with? Simply leave them in the comment section and I’ll attend to them.

    Remember, healthy Mums happy families



     Your Weight-loss and Fitness Coach .

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