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    Friday, April 27, 2018

    Nigerian Breweries Uncage New Tiger Beer

    On Friday, April 27th, 2018, 86 years after it rolled out the first bottle in a Malayan brewery in the territory now known as Singapore, World’s No. 1 International Premium Asian Beer, Tiger Beer, finally launched in Nigeria with style.

    Tiger Beer is a product of Nigeria’s leading brewer, Nigerian Breweries Plc, a Heineken Operating company. The global beer is strikingly bold, refreshingly smooth, and unexpected in every way. The launch campaign tagged #Uncage – the courage to challenge convention

    – showcased the courageous, bold and go-getting side of Nigerians, encouraging consumers across all divides to ‘uncage’ the courage and the tiger within them in pursuit of their dreams and passions.

    As part of the lead-up to the launch, a number of celebrated Nigerians took to social media to talk about their fear which symbolically represents other crippling true life stories of fear, limitations and doubt.

    These stories served as catalyst for their fans and many others to talk about their own fears too and start a conversation around breaking boundaries.

    The celebs then received ‘The Tiger’ Invite. As this is an opportunity to challenge their fear of heights, the celebs accepted the challenge and invited ten die-hard fans who also kit up to join them in conquering their individual fears by climbing the Tiger Wall, an 70 ft wall at the Muri Okunola park in Victoria Island Lagos on the launch day.

    “Fears and doubts are real. They are inhibiting, and unless you uncage yourself and break free from the hold, you may never go with your passion and truly live your dreams. The feeling after climbing the Tiger Wall is really liberating and has reinforced my resolve to never hold back in reaching out to my aspirations,” said one of the celebs, Abimbola Craig, an actress and movie producer.

    The attendees at the launch also experienced ‘The Tiger Den’ – a jungle-like experience simulating an encounter with a ferocious tiger complemented with thrilling music, sound effects and scenery. There the invitees tested their courage and enjoyed a ‘real’ Tiger experience.
    “The Tiger Wall and Den are symbolic of the many fears, mental and physical boundaries we have to surmount daily in our pursuits. It’s not simply about heights. Tiger Beer is a beer for  the bold, the courageous and the daring, encouraging them to ‘uncage’ bravery in pursuit of passion. Tiger Beer is a rallying point for those who are unknown, those with the potential to change the world; an unseen generation with a tiger inside. They are the ones we say are uncaged” said Franco Maria Maggi, Marketing Director, Nigerian Breweries.
    Tiger Beer was born in 1932 on the streets of Singapore. A world acclaimed lager beer, Tiger Beer is made with only the finest ingredients through a precise brewing process and uses only the finest quality ingredients. The result is the intensely refreshing, full-bodied taste of one of the world’s leading contemporary beer brands that has won over 40 international awards and accolades including Gold at the prestigious world beer cup, gold medal at the Commonwealth Bottled Beer Competition, and the BIIA’s World’s Best Lager Beer award among others..

    Tiger Beer, today, is arguably the world’s fastest growing premium brand, growing by 24% (2016) year on year, and still continues to grow rapidly and is currently marketed in over 60 countries, including UK, US, Singapore, China, Vietnam, Australia and now in Nigeria.

    Tiger’s #uncage tag line suggests living on the edge. Uncaging your life from the bordered or clichéd life you have been living. Breaking free from the norm.
    With the launch in Nigeria, Tiger is throwing down the gauntlet and inviting Nigerians to Uncage with a roar.

    “Tiger Beer identifies with the bold Nigerian, whose passion brings him a sense of purpose. It is for the man of courage, and will be anchored around creativity, and inspiring real stories of people living their potential, and making their mark,” remarked Portfolio Manager – International Premium – Tokunbo Adodo.
    “Tiger believes everyone has a Tiger inside, which is why we uncage the courageous creative spirit of the young generation to help realize their true potential. It is only when you uncage your tiger, can we uncage the world. Tiger Beer’s courageous spirit appeals to the trend-conscious consumer, and we know the new 45 cl Tiger Lager Beer format is right up their alley,” He concluded.

    And the beer has found love with beer lovers with its debut SKU already.

    “I love the crisp refreshing light brew and unique taste of the beer. I also particularly enjoy that feeling of belonging to the ‘Uncage’ tribe which of course identifies with the struggles of people like me who are breaking boundaries and going against the odds to forge a path for ourselves,” remarked a Tiger Lager Beer new convert, Kolade Oguntoke at the launch event.

    Tiger Beer is World’s No. 1 International Premium Asian Beer, available in more than 60 markets across the globe. Launched in 1932, Tiger Beer is a beer internationally renowned for taste and quality. With the launch of Tiger in Nigeria, beer lovers are definitely for a great time. Tiger Beer is already available for sale at retail stores nationwide.

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