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    Tuesday, August 13, 2019

    WWE: Trish Stratus’ Final Match Ends in Defeat to Charlotte Flair

    “What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.”

    It’s conceivable that Trish Stratus had some variation of that T.S. Eliot quote racing through her mind as she made the walk down the ramp in front of her hometown faithful in Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena for her farewell match against Charlotte Flair. Toronto, of course, was where her WWE journey began almost two decades ago and where it seemingly ended in 2006 when she retired from in-ring competition.
    It would now be where “The Queen of Queens” would return to scrap with “The Queen of All Eras” in the first match in WWE history to house a former WWE Women’s Champion, NXT Women’s Champion, Raw Women’s Champion, SmackDown Women’s Champion, Divas Champion and WWE Hall of Fame ring under one roof.

    Unquestionably the most decorated women’s match of all time, the bout saw both Superstars live up to their accolades in the early goings with Flair looking to rough up Stratus despite the overwhelming hometown support for Trish. Stratus answered right back, busting out several moves that we didn’t even see out of her when she was an active competitor. Trish’s flurry was slowed when Charlotte began to straight up abuse the seven-time Women’s Champion, first on the outside and then with unrelenting ground and pound back on the mat.

    The heart of Stratus shined through as it always has though, as the Hall of Famer battled back with the fire that she displayed throughout her entire career. Not taking any more of Charlotte’s mockery during the onslaught, Stratus struck Flair with her own patented chops (even giving Flair a “Wooo” for good measure), connected with a dazzling hurricanrana from the top rope and locked in Charlotte’s very own Figure-Eight, bringing the WWE Universe into a state of absolute frenzy.
    Competing in what she says will be her final match, Trish Stratus throws down with Charlotte Flair in a bona fide dream match.

    Stratus looked to be closing in on victory when she avoided a Spear attempt from Charlotte and connected with the ‘Stratusfaction’ Bulldog, but “The Queen of All Eras” incredibly kicked out. With each running on sheer adrenaline, the two Queens exchanged chops before Trish drilled her opponent with a Chick Kick for the closest of two-counts. Charlotte responded with a kick of her own — her signature big boot — followed quickly by the Figure-Eight. Stratus fought through the intense pain for as long as she possibly could, but she was left with no choice but to tap out.

    Charlotte exited with the satisfaction of victory, but Stratus pulled herself to her feet to a massive ovation from her hometown faithful, knowing that she did in the end what she had always done since the beginning: ‘Stratusfy’.
    Source: WWE

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