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    Thursday, February 13, 2020

    For the Love of Corn: HO Corn Blazing a Trail in Agribusiness

    The greatest irony of the Nigerian state is the oppressive conspicuousness of poverty of the mass of the citizenry in the midst of glaring opportunities. Or, maybe not so glaring. One thing that cannot be gainsaid is the potentials in the agricultural sector to drive the Nigerian economy on a grand scale. This point cannot be overemphasized.

    As against the hitherto held belief that only the cash crops could drive the economy on a large scale, food crops are as lucrative (Mr. H. O. Andrew may say, MORE) as the cash crops. This is especially true of corn that is of monumental importance to the diets of the Nigerian people. From Igboora (Oyo State) to Ikom (Cross River State) to Mgbidi (Imo State) to Bagoro (Bauchi State) to Otukpo (Benue State) to Argungu (Kebbi State), the evidence of the importance of corn is in the ‘akamu’, ‘ẹ̀kọ’, ‘túwó’, ‘ògì’, ‘sapala’, popcorn, boiled and roasted corn etcetera. It is therefore not hyperbole that domestic annual consumption of corn in Nigeria has experienced a phenomenal growth rate from 9.41% 1960 reaching an all-time high of 214.05% in 1990 and maintaining a steady growth rate to date.

    It is this obsession about corn that motivated Mr. H. O. Andrew, the CEO, founder and farm manager of H O CORN to venture into corn farming and he has been in it for more than two (2) decades. After many years of stunning success, he, in 2017, founded H O CORN with the vision to see Nigerians thrive with agriculture as the powerhouse and corn as the heartbeat.

    HO CORN is a mechanized farm with a singular interest in the business of corn production. The corn farm started with 1000 acres and has recently increased capacity to 30, 000 acres. The farm is located at Iseyin town in Oyo State.

    H O CORN has created a unique massive opportunity for any individual to invest and make money in the corn business without stepping into a farm. To participate, you invest with a minimum of a hundred thousand-naira (₦100,000 to earn fifty percent (50%) in six (6) months. That is, you earn a hundred and fifty thousand naira (₦150,000).

    Your investment covers the purchase of farm inputs (high-quality seeds, fertilizers, herbicides, etc.), tractorization and farm labour, logistics to get the harvested farm produce to market to sell them, and comprehensive Insurance Cover on the corn farm.

    So, wouldn’t you rather do business with US?
    Reach us on – www.hocorn.ng Facebook | Twitter | Instagram @hocornng
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