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    Saturday, May 7, 2022

    How Nigerians Celebrated Eid al-Fitr on Twitter

    In 2022, Twitter was the place to be for the most interesting, important and impactful Ramadan conversations, with over 47 million related Tweets recorded globally during the holy month. This represented a 31% year on year increase from last year, reflecting Twitter’s role as the place to discover what is happening in real-time.

    From well-wishes to fashions and bants, it was all shades of amazing as Nigerians joined Islamic faithful across the globe to commemorate the holy month, from start to finish.

    Trending conversations on the platform centered around faith, style, food, entertainment and so much more, as people on Twitter shared how they were marking the end of Ramadan. Twitter provided a platform to showcase the shared experience of attending morning prayers, making charitable donations, sharing feasts and showing up in the glamorous fits and looks. Below are some highlights from this year’s Ramadan celebrations.

    Some of the top Ramadan hashtags and keywords on TwitterNG that trended during the Ramadan celebration were;

    1. #Arewatwitter
    2. #EidUlFitr
    3. #BarkaDaSallah
    4. #EidMubarak2022
    5. #Ramadan
    6. Abaya
    7. Ilorin
    Fashion and Styles during the celebration
    Every year, the end of Ramadan is celebrated with the most elegant fashion styles on display. Using #ArewaTwitter, Muslims across Nigeria share photos from Eid celebrations; with people in the North, where Islam is most widely practiced, being especially praised for their iconic looks. As expected, people on #TwitterNG brought out their best Abaya game!

    Heartfelt Felicitations on #TwitterNG
    Barka Da Sallah was widely used on #TwitterNG as a way of sending well-wishes during the celebrations. And using #EidUlFitr, #EidMubarak2022 #Ramadan, the Muslim community also dropped engaging Tweets to commemorate the end of Ramadan.

    The Bants and more…
    What is #TwitterNG without bants and cruise? While awaiting the moon sighting update from Saudi Arabia, people on Twitter couldn’t hide their anticipation to end the fast. These hilarious Tweets had Twitter buzzing and cracking up before Eid al-Fitr.

    Another moment that got people talking was a Tweeted photo showing a dense crowd of people in a popular mall in Ilorin. Here is a thread of how people on Twitter reacted to the viral image.

    Top government officials and influencers also engaged in conversations during the Ramadan.

    President Muhammadu Buhari ( @MBuhari) Tweeted for the first time in a while, wishing the TwitterNG community Ramadan Mubarak. Professor Yemi Osinbajo, The Vice President of Nigeria also wished people on Twitter a Happy Eid al-Fitr.

    Ramadan Tweets from across the globe
    These are some additional highlights from global conversations related to the holy month:

    The symbol used to send salutations upon the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was Tweeted almost 4 million times, while Top Ramadan-related emojis included:
    1. 🌙 (A crescent moon)
    2. 🙏🏽 (Folded hands )
    3. 🕌 (mosque) 
    4. 🤲🏾 (Palms held up together)
    Top Ramadan-hashtags Tweeted at a global level included:
    • رمضان# (Ramadan)
    • #Ramadan
    • افطار# (Iftar) 
    • #العشر_الاواخر (Last 10 days of Ramadan)
    Twitter, in celebration of Eid Al Fitr released a hashtag-triggered emoji of the crescent moon when these hashtags below were used in the week of Eid.
    •   عيد_الفطر#
    •  عيد_مبارك#
    •  كل_عام_وأنتم_بخير#
    •  عيد#
    • #EidalFitr
    • #HappyEid
    • #EidMubarak
    • #Eid

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