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    Thursday, June 2, 2022

    How to Gain Customers Trust Online

    It can take a matter of milliseconds for some consumers to decide that your website doesn’t appeal to them. Others might linger for a whole minute or two before reaching precisely the same conclusion.

    Unfortunately, there’s no magic template that’ll give your website a guaranteed visit, order, or repeat formula. But there is a lot you can do to help gain customer trust. And where there’s trust, there’s trade. Here are our top tips for building trust with customers.

    Include Testimonials

    If you receive really good feedback from a happy customer, don’t be shy about using it. Three to ten words maximum. Include a photo of the person if possible. Celebrity endorsements are harder to come by, but can be extremely impactful when it comes to brand trust.

    Be Upfront About Charges

    Even if a customer has invested a lot of time in choosing a product from your website and is ready to pay, an unexpected charge at the checkout page will make them leave in the blink of an eye. So if there are taxes, packing costs or delivery charges to pay, make this explicit right at the start of the ordering process.

    Do What The Customer Expects

    Make it clear to visitors what will happen when they click on tabs, links and CTAs (calls to action). If you’ve asked people to sign up for a monthly newsletter, for example, resist the temptation to contact them any more frequently than that.

    Put A Place To A Name

    It’s important for customers to know that, although you are an online business, you have a physical presence. So make sure your ‘About Us’ or ‘Contact Us’ pages include credentials such as a contact number, email address and, ideally, an actual address.

    Be Careful With Images Gotten Online

    When you search the web long and hard enough, you may find stock images that are more-or-less appropriate to your business. But why not go for a totally unique and authentic look instead? Photographs taken by a professional give you more control and allow you to develop and boost your own visual identity.

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