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    Thursday, June 2, 2022

    2022 WomenTech Global Conference: Huawei USA to Host Two Sessions on Innovation, 6G Technologies

    Huawei Technologies USA will lead two discussions at the annual WomenTech Global Conference, which will bring together speakers and attendees from around the world to foster innovation for women in technology with purpose and impact. The hybrid event takes place June 7 – 10 and is expected to draw 100,000 attendees, who will share knowledge, experiences and thought leadership.

    As part of Huawei Technologies USA’s corporate sponsorship of the event, Huawei will host two sessions. In the first, Glenn Schloss, Vice President of Corporate Communications at Huawei Technologies USA, will speak about how a culture focused on innovation is paramount for resilience and growth in uncertain times. Additionally, Dr. Yan Chen, Senior Expert of Wireless Communications at Huawei Technologies Canada, will present a keynote session on 6G-emerging technologies and the future of the connected world.

    Discussion: Investing in Innovation is the Key to Stability and Growth During Global Uncertainties

    • Date & time: June 8, 2022, 12:30 pm EDT/New York
    • Participants: Glenn Schloss, Vice President of Corporate Communications, Huawei Technologies USA.
    • Topic: The past few years have seen increased destabilization and global uncertainty, as companies and nations grapple with the impact of COVID-19, disrupted supply chains, climate change, and increased political tensions. No company has been more on the front lines of these issues than Huawei. However, the company remains resilient and has a multi-pronged strategy for not only survival, but growth in new areas. This is a direct result of Huawei's commitment to innovation. In 2021, Huawei invested $22.4 billion into R&D, and expanded its team of scientists and engineers to drive innovation in ways set to position the company across multiple technological fronts. Glenn Schloss will discuss how a culture of innovation has enabled Huawei to survive and thrive despite global uncertainties, and why other companies need to prioritize R&D.

    Keynote Session: 6G The Next Horizon – From Connected People and Things to Connected Intelligence

    • Date & time: June 8, 2022, 04:10 pm EDT/New York
    • Participants: Dr. Yan Chen, Senior Expert of Wireless Communications
    • Topic: 6G is the next Horizon of innovations. The audience will hear about the future of a 6G world beyond 2030, presenting different usage scenarios and showing a transformation from connected people, connected things, to connected intelligence. 6G will serve as a distributed neural network of the whole society and provide communication links with integrated sensing and AI capabilities to fuse the physical, cyber, and biological worlds. This in turn will lay a solid foundation for a future with Intelligence-of-Everything. Six technology pillars of 6G will be introduced together with the research challenges and opportunities, they are native AI, networked sensing, extreme connectivity, integrated non-terrestrial networks, trustworthiness, and sustainability.
    • Yan Chen from Huawei Technologies Canada has worked at the company since 2009 and experienced the entire process of 5G from early-stage research and prototyping to standardization and commercialization, will provide an insider's look into the 6G vision, specifically its usage scenarios and future technology trends that define 6G an era of connected intelligence.

    Huawei is committed to creating opportunities and supporting women in STEM to achieve its goal of building an inclusive society that embraces diversity. The company has underscored this commitment in many initiatives, including its global launch in support of gender equality and inclusion – "Tech for Her, Tech by Her, Tech with Her" – as well as additional concrete actions Huawei has taken to improve women's participation in and contribution to the tech sector and the digital economy at large.

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