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    Friday, December 9, 2022

    Hades 2 Announced at The Game Awards

    Supergiant Games shocked The Game Awards and fans across the world with the announcement of Hades 2, a sequel to the popular 2020 rogue-like. It's likely no coincidence that the original Hades was first announced at The Game Awards 2018, then later won awards for Best Indie and Best Action game during the Game Awards 2020. Now Supergiant is back and ready to reveal Hades 2, this time with hopes to take home a Game of the Year award from The Game Awards in the future.

    Hades wasn't the first Supergiant Games title to stir up Game of the Year conversation, but it was certainly the most successful. In Hades, players take on the role of Zagreus as he seeks to escape from his father's domain, the Underworld. Escaping the Underworld is just a step forward in Zagreus' journey, however. Each loop, whether it's a success or failure, offers a deeper look at Zagreus as a person, as players experience his developing relationships and growth all with some intense rogue-like action along the way.

    The announcement trailer for Hades 2 makes clear that the sequel won't deviate too far from the experience delivered in the first game. Instead of Zagreus, however, players take control of a new character referred to as a witch with the name Melinoe. She mentions pursuing her father, who appears to be Hades, who has been chained and taken prisoner by Cronos. The witch bears the same heterochromatic eyes as Zagreus, however, perhaps indicating her genealogy is more complicated than it seems.

    Supergiant Games also took the opportunity to showcase Hades 2's gameplay during the announcement trailer. It is once again an isometric action game where the protagonist will wield different weapons, take on skills from the gods as they progress, and very likely repeat a loop of increasing challenge and reward.

    Much like with the original Hades, Supergiant Games has confirmed that Hades 2 will be released in early access. That means that it will be released partially finished, allowing for Supergiant Games to gather data and feedback as it continues to work toward completion. Early Access for Hades 2 is planned for 2023.

    As with the original Hades, much of what makes Hades 2 so special is the mystery that awaits players to delve into. Players will meet a roster of new characters, travel through new locations, discover new secrets, and embrace the rich world Supergiant Games has created step by step. Expect to hear much more about Hades 2 in 2023.

    Hades 2 releases in early access in 2023 on PC

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