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    Friday, August 18, 2023

    Malonza Proposes Hotel Rooms To Be Charged Per Room Instead Of Per-Person

    Tourism Cabinet Secretary Peninah Malonza on August 2, 2023 PHOTO PENINAH MALONZA

    Tourism Cabinet Secretary Peninah Malonza has proposed that hotels charge visitors per room instead of per person, as it is currently.

    Malonza, who was speaking during an exclusive interview with Capital FM earlier in the week, said hoteliers are losing a lot in terms of booking through the system.

    "Another thing we are pushing is talking with our businessmen so that they can open the space for our rooms to be booked as a unit and not per person sharing. That way you open the space for rooms to be booked 100 percent every day, "she said.

    Malonza gave an example where couples are required to book per person instead of as a group.

    "You know when you go to a room, you also pay and your spouse also pays in the same room," she decried.

    Meanwhile, some argued that hoteliers and other investors, having fulfilled the obligations of obtaining licenses, permits, and taxes, possess the freedom to determine their room charging policies.

    "The hotel management reserves the right to dictate a maximum number of people the room is designed to handle. Otherwise, the industry will collapse," another added.

    On the other hand, others welcomed her recommendation, adding that by implementing it, hotels should set the maximum number of guests.

    "I agree with her. Our tourism sector loses a lot of money because they absolutely refuse to have this conversation but it's necessary. I mean, charging a couple separate rates to use the same room is ridiculous," one social media user stated.

    However, they did observe that the implementation of these suggestions might lead to hotels imposing excessively high fees.

    Furthermore, Kenyans expressed concerns that implementing the suggested per-room charges might lead to reduced hotel amenities.

    Typically, hotels offer various room options, including single rooms (intended for one occupant), double rooms (capable of accommodating two guests), and triple rooms (suitable for three guests). The model of charging per person is designed to distribute the cost more affordably among visitors.

    Following the controversial comments by the CS, Kenyans seized the opportunity to question the calibre of individuals President William Ruto appointed to his cabinet.

    Many opined that a section of government officials will derail the President from fulfilling his campaign promises.

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