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    Friday, August 18, 2023

    Shoreline Energy Int’l MD to Speak at AEW, Presenting Pragmatic Solutions for Regional Power Networks and Industrialization

    At African Energy Week, Shoreline Energy International MD Kola Karim, will discuss crucial issues and suggest practical approaches for the expansion of regional power networks and the acceleration of industrialization.

    Kola Karim, Managing Director (MD), Shoreline Energy International
    Kola Karim, Managing Director (MD) of power solutions company Shoreline Energy International, has been confirmed as a speaker at African Energy Week (AEW) – organized by the African Energy Chamber (AEC) – scheduled to take place on October 16–20 in Cape Town. Karim's vast experience in the power solutions realm promises to bring insightful perspectives to the discussions. His participation adds a valuable dimension to the event, shedding light on critical topics within the energy sector.

    With a remarkable journey spanning an impressive 26 years, Karim has been steering the ship at Shoreline Energy International since January 1997. Renowned as one of Nigeria's most accomplished entrepreneurs, Karim stands as the visionary founder and CEO of Shoreline Energy International. This homegrown power solutions enterprise is dedicated to power generation and the manufacturing of power equipment, operating across sub-Saharan Africa.

    Shoreline Energy International is recognized for acquiring infrastructure and energy assets and acting as an investor in businesses and trade. The company's strategic acquisitions contribute to a diversified asset portfolio with the potential for substantial returns. Shoreline encompasses a range of operating companies, including Mota Nigeria Limited, a leading construction company; DBN Energies, specializing in EPC contracts for the oil and gas industry; and Shoreline Power Company, a prominent player in power generation.

    Operating globally and with a noteworthy presence in key African nations including Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, and Angola, Shoreline Energy International's reach and impact extend across borders. The company's dedication to crafting integrated energy solutions tailored for sub-Saharan Africa has materialized into important accomplishments. Collaborating with Aggreko, the company has successfully initiated operations at a 100 MW power plant in Uganda. This achievement stands as a tangible example of how enhancing the energy supply can serve as a catalyst for significant developments across the African continent.

    Additionally, the company’s operations also consist of Shoreline Telecommunications. Shoreline Telecommunications builds essential communication infrastructure across Sub-Saharan Africa, fostering connectivity vital for progress. The company has acquired a stake in key telecoms through a partnership with a global investment bank delivered to Ghana. Moreover, Shoreline Telecommunications has extended its operations to Ivory Coast in Africa and India, showcasing its commitment to enhancing connectivity across borders.

    Shoreline Energy International's infrastructure and engineering operations exemplify a strategic approach to growth and leadership. Notable achievements, such as acquiring control of Costain (West Africa) Plc, launching the Agbara Shoreline Power Company IPP, and the acquisition of ABB Electrical Systems in Nigeria, underscore the company's commitment to fostering infrastructural advancement. These endeavours align with the company's overarching objectives: to establish a robust platform for infrastructure and engineering leadership, capitalize on growth opportunities within the power sector, and consolidate its presence in the construction industry. Through a combination of acquisitions and organic growth, Shoreline Energy International has positioned itself as a key player in driving sustainable development, delivering vital infrastructure, and contributing to the progress of vital sectors within the region.

    Meanwhile, Shoreline Investments & Trading's commitment to fostering operational advancements in Africa holds significant importance, particularly considering the region's evolving energy needs. Notably, Davof Technical Services, a Shoreline Joint Venture, has embraced renewable energy trading by venturing into biomass trading. This forward-thinking move reflects its dedication to sustainable energy solutions. In Africa, where pivotal projects like renewable energy initiatives are shaping the energy landscape, Shoreline Investments & Trading plays a crucial role. Its network and financial expertise attract essential foreign direct investment, contributing to regional development.

    “Shoreline Energy International's initiatives, spanning power generation, equipment manufacturing, and strategic investments, are driving project development in Africa's energy sector,” states NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber, adding that “Its presence across key African nations, coupled with a visionary focus on integrated energy solutions, reflects its dedication to shaping a sustainable energy landscape.”

    Looking ahead, Karim's central focus revolves around nurturing dependable and sustainable power supplies and forging integrated energy solutions throughout sub-Saharan Africa. His participation at AEW will serve as a catalyst for dialogues concerning Africa's power sector, addressing pivotal concerns, and proposing pragmatic solutions for expanding regional power networks and propelling industrialization.

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