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    Wednesday, March 6, 2024

    Health Experts Advise On Optimal Health, Long Life

    There is no secret to longevity — or maybe a better way to put it is that the secret’s out, and has been for a long time.

    Don’t smoke or binge drink. Eat well and exercise regularly. These have long been the pillars of a healthy lifestyle, and a new study once again shows how much these habits pay off.

    Meanwhile, some health experts have recommended ways for people to achieve optimal health and stay healthy for a long time.

    The experts, who spoke in in­terviews with journalists in La­gos, said it had become necessary for people to take responsibility for their health.

    They spoke on the sidelines of a medical in-reach programme organised by the Love of God in Christ Church (LOGIC), Lekki 1 as part of its contribution to the health and well-being of its mem­bers and community at large.

    A Consultant Ophthalmolo­gist, at a Lagos-based clinic, Eye Doctors, Dr Irene Etuoma, urged people to always prioritise their eye health, and ensure that they had their eyes checked at least once a year.

    She lauded the church for organising the programme to allow for more people to use the opportunity to check their health statuses.

    “The commonest reversible cause of visual impairment worldwide is called refractive error, meaning that some people, without the use of glasses, their vision is blurry.

    “However, by the time they go to the eye clinic and have their eye checks done, simple glasses are given to them; it changes the course of things; they can see clearly.

    “Other common visual impair­ments include cataract, which is also reversible and glaucoma, which is irreversible.

    “We encourage everybody to at least, get protective glasses to wear against the blue light ema­nating from our devices and use lubricant to make their eyes com­fortable,” she said.

    Also, a Physiotherapist, Ms Lalique Obioha, said that the commonest conditions affecting the elderly, and recently, young adults, were back and knee pain.

    According to her, many people do not care for their backs and put a lot of pressure on their backs, thereby causing damage to the spine.

    “The usual cause of back pain includes wrong sitting posture, the type of chair people sit on a chair should have a curve at the lower back to support the spine.

    “Another cause is the bed: if you sit on a bed and the imprint of your buttocks is seen when you stand up, that is a bad bed; It should be firm enough not to show any imprint. “Another issue is the way peo­ple bend down to pick objects, which is wrong; the way to pick up objects is to squat, especially if it is a heavy object.

    “Standing and sitting for long hours can also cause back pain; so, if you have a job that requires you to sit and stand for too long, take breaks.

    “I recommend strengthening exercises for the back, so that it will be strong enough to with­stand any pressure life throws at it, “ Obioha said.

    Speaking, a Massage Thera­pist, Ms Elizabeth Bakare, said that regular massages were nec­essary to achieve optimal health.

    Bakare said many people were unaware of the health benefits, therefore, the need for more awareness creation.

    “Many people skip the im­portance of massage; in our daily lives, we carry out lots of activities, which then build up tension in various parts of our bodies like our shoulders, back, and arms. Also, when we leave it for too long without getting a massage it builds up into pain, aches or even more than that. So, it is very important to get regular massages; maybe twice a month, or buy the equipment for mas­sages and do it yourself. Other importance of regular massage therapy include reducing high blood pressure; even when you finish an exercise it is very im­portant to get massages to reduce any built-up tension, “ she said.

    The Head, Medical Team, LOG­IC, Dr Becky Solomon, said that the programme was aimed at en­couraging preventive therapies and care for people. We decided to do this in-reach because it is a way to help people who are in the church and take care of them. The aim is not just to reach peo­ple that may have symptoms now, but a form of preventive therapy and care.

    “Also, to speak to people that probably have complaints; just want to do general check-ups and a way to help with early detection of any preventable illnesses.

    “Generally, just to give holistic and total care to every single per­son because miracles are also in the things that we do, service we provide, and work we give.

    “So, this is our little way of giving back to the members of the church, “ she said.

    Solomon said that the pro­gramme would be part of the church’s agenda moving forward.

    She said: “This is the first-of-its-kind and we intend to con­tinue, not just in-house, but also help people outside the church; to help the less privileged; people that cannot afford medical care.

    “We just reach out to them and it is a way of spreading the gospel to them; inviting them to church to hear the word of God because that is really what is important.”

    In his remarks, an Assistant Pastor, LOGIC Church, Pastor Lanre Olubaji, lauded the ini­tiative and urged people to take their health seriously.

    “It is good to see the church organising the first-of-its-kind health in-reach for church mem­bers and people around.

    “It is important to do medical checkup from time to time and it will shock you to know that peo­ple do not know that some things are wrong with their health until they do the checkup.

    “I encourage everyone to do a health checkup, a full body check, just to know what exactly needs to be fixed before it gets to the stage where it becomes a major problem in the body.

    “I am glad that the church can organise this to make sure that people are checked; so we are not just praying blindly, but accord­ing to precision, we know exactly what is going on.

    “Also, I thank God that the Apostle over this house, Dr Flour­ish Peters, can approve this in-reach, and we are expecting more of this,” Olubaji said.

    Two participants, who lauded the programme called for more of its kind, saying it would go a long way to help people stay healthy.

    One of them, Ms Keita Agan­du, lauded the organisers, saying health was wealth and close to godliness.

    She said, “I expected more crowd because it is free; it shows that people do not prioritise their health.

    “However, it is important that people do so because the last thing you will want to deal with right now is your health.

    “This is amazing; we should have more of this; people should also be enlightened; this is an op­portunity to have a medical check for you to be sure you are fine.”

    Another participant, Ms Tracy Tuoyo, described the in-reach as fantastic and encouraging.

    “Personally, I do not like going to the hospital, but I wanted to just make use of this opportunity because it feels like I am home; it is family and easy.

    “Also, the medical team has been wonderful, and consulta­tions have been very relaxing.

    “I think it is something we can do regularly to encourage people to come out because a lot of peo­ple are scared to go to the hospital.

    “Also, some people think about the financial aspect, but when it is free and comfortable, people will want to come out,” Tuoyo said.

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