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    Sunday, June 30, 2024

    UK-based Nigerian Continues Receiving Salary in Nigeria Two Years after Relocating

    A Nigerian civil servant who relocated to the United Kingdom in 2022 has disclosed that he continues to receive his monthly salary despite his absence from work.

    The 36-year-old UK taxi driver, who will be referred to as Daniel due to the sensitivity of the matter, disclosed to the BBC in a report published on Sunday that he receives a monthly salary of N150,000 from his employer in Nigeria, as a result of a mutual agreement with his superior.

    Recently, the Federal Government announced its intention to take strict measures against Nigerian government employees who have relocated overseas but continue to receive salaries from the government.

    On Saturday, June 22, 2024, President Bola Tinubu expressed concern over the revelations made by the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation regarding employees who had relocated abroad while continuing to receive salaries without formally resigning. He emphasized the need for these individuals to return the funds they had fraudulently collected.”

    He stated that supervisors and department heads who aided and abetted the fraud must also face consequences for their actions. Tinubu affirmed his administration’s commitment to ensuring that those responsible are held liable and that restitution is made to rectify the situation.”

    Non-governmental employees continue to receive remuneration despite not being officially registered in the national civil service.

    In certain instances, individuals who have either resigned from their governmental positions or relocated internationally continue to receive the tranche.

    Nevertheless, Daniel, a subordinate functionary at a governmental institution, exhibited indifference towards the presidential directive, asserting that his current remuneration in the United Kingdom surpasses the compensation he receives from the government.

    He said, “When I heard about the president’s directive, I smiled because I know I am doing better here – and not worried.”

    Upon inquiry regarding his decision to retain his position despite his international relocation, Daniel indicated his intention to potentially return following a period of several years abroad.

    “To be honest, I didn’t resign because I wanted to leave that door open in case I choose to go back to my job after a few years,” he retorted.

    Several Nigerian citizens, including Daniel, have chosen to reside abroad while continuing to receive their monthly salaries from the Federal Government’s budget.

    In June 2022, the Director-General, Bureau of Public Service Reforms, Dr. Dasuki Arabi, disclosed that the Federal Government-backed Integration Personnel and Payroll Information System had exposed and eliminated about 70,000 ghost workers in the civil service system.

    Arabi added that the government had saved at least N220 billion, and N10 trillion through the Treasury Single Account since it was fully implemented by the administration of former President Muhammadu Buhari.

    Daniel continues to enjoy the ‘free money’ he hasn’t been working for for the past two years as he said, “I had a good understanding with my boss and he just let me leave.”

    Typically, instances of ghost workers involve collusion with their superiors to conceal the deception, with the salaries subsequently divided between the parties involved.

    “In my case, the situation was different because my supervisor was a family member”, Daniel said.

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