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    Friday, June 28, 2024

    Webb Fontaine Unveils Sourcemind Academy in Guinea

    Sourcemind Academy’s Remarkable Journey – 1,082 Applicants, 108 Students and 58 Graduates.

    Webb Fontaine, a leading provider of solutions for trade facilitation, is pleased to announce the launch of Sourcemind Academy in Guinea. This innovative educational venture, backed by Webb Fontaine, is set to transform the tech education landscape by offering high-level training, cutting-edge pedagogical design and experienced professional trainers to future software engineers and technology enthusiasts.

    The launch of Sourcemind Academy in Guinea marks a significant milestone in Webb Fontaine’s ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility, and to promoting educational development in emerging markets. This project comes against the backdrop of the end of Webb Fontaine's concession with the Guinean state, requiring a crucial transfer of skills and technologies to ensure the continuity and development of the Single Window of Foreign Trade of Guinea, launched in September 2019.

    Ara Shamirzayan, CTO of Webb Fontaine Group said, “We are thrilled to bring Sourcemind Academy to Guinea. We believe in nurturing the next generation of software engineers by providing them with access to quality education and training. We also believe that education is the key to unlocking potential and driving economic growth and development, and we are committed to making this a reality in Guinea.”

    Mamoudou DIANÉ, Managing Director of Webb Fontaine Guinea, added, “We are extremely proud to collaborate with Sourcemind Academy to train the next generation of software engineers in Guinea. This initiative is crucial for ensuring the continuity and efficiency of The Single Window of Foreign Trade of Guinea after the end of our concession. By investing in the development of local skills, we are not only contributing to the modernization of foreign trade in Guinea but also creating economic opportunities for the young talents in our country.”

    Sourcemind Academy has made significant strides in promoting tech talent through five successful pathway programs across Armenia and Benin. Building on this success, the academy is expanding its reach to Guinea, aiming to empower local students, young graduates with the expertise and capabilities necessary for a thriving career in the technology sector.

    Building on this success, the academy is expanding its scope to Guinea, aiming to equip local students and professionals with the skills and capabilities needed for a thriving career in the technology sector. To date, the Sourcemind Academy's impact includes 1,082 applicants, 108 students, 58 alumni and 11 people hired by Webb Fontaine. The academy’s curriculum is designed to cover a wide range of topics, including software development, data structures and algorithms, front-end development and more. By equipping students with these in-demand skills, the academy aims to contribute to the growth of the local tech ecosystem and create job opportunities for the youth in Guinea.

    During the first four months of the pathway program, students will learn the foundations of software engineering and gain practical experience through a hands-on and highly interactive instructive-led curriculum. Upon completion of the foundation stage, participants can broaden their knowledge by specializing in java back-end engineering.  Students will also be exposed to agile software development and essential soft skills, both of which are crucial for success in the IT industry.

    This pathway program is accessible to anyone curious about how things work. Ideal students include university graduates who wish to follow a career in the IT industry, open-minded enthusiasts with the determination to succeed, and those looking to make a career change to software engineering.

    About Webb Fontaine Guinea

    Webb Fontaine Guinea is a company dedicated to facilitating trade transactions and simplifying import and export procedures for declarants and economic operators playing a central role in the economic development of the Republic of Guinea, thanks to our cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions.

    The Single Window of Foreign Trade of Guinea

    Launched in September 2019, The Single Window of Foreign Trade of Guinea is an integrated platform set up by the Guinean state for a 5-year concession granted to the Webb Fontaine Group. This platform enables all players involved in foreign trade in Guinea to carry out their transactions anywhere in the world, offering a single gateway to international trade. GUCEG is an interactive portal designed to facilitate import and export operations in the Republic of Guinea.

    Electronic tracking of goods in transit

    Last July, Webb Fontaine signed a contract with the Guinean Customs to implement an electronic tracking system for goods in transit. This new project demonstrates our ongoing commitment to improving the transparency and efficiency of customs operations in Guinea. The electronic tracking system enables goods in transit to be monitored in real time, reducing the risk of fraud and ensuring more secure and efficient management of trade flows.

    What we do (Our Services)

    Facilitate, simplify and dematerialize import and export operations:

    The GUCEG platform covers a wide range of services, from pre-clearance to customs clearance, and soon logistics for port, airport, air and rail traffic.

    Public access services:

    • Access to legal texts and regulations relating to import and export transactions.C
    • ustoms duties and taxes simulator.
    • List of manifests and other services for complete visibility of the import and export process.

    Private access services :

    • Import and export declaration of intent management.
    • On-line payment of DDI/DDE and customs duties and taxes.
    • Pharmaceutical license management.

    Electronic tracking of goods in transit

    The new electronic goods tracking system enables you to:

    • Track goods in transit in real time.
    • Reduce the risk of fraud and tax evasion.
    • Guarantee more secure and transparent management of trade flows.

    At Webb Fontaine Guinea, we are committed to modernizing and optimizing foreign trade in the Republic of Guinea, leveraging our expertise and advanced technologies to deliver reliable and efficient solutions to our users. Our mission is to facilitate trade and support the country's economic development through continuous innovation and high-quality services.

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