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    Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    World Largest Canvass Painting Portrait of Tinubu Unveiled

    The unveiling of the world’s largest canvas painting portrait of President Bola Tinubu during the 2024 Democracy Day celebration at Eagles Square, Abuja, has led to mixed reactions from Nigerians.

    The event, marking the 25th anniversary of uninterrupted democratic rule in Nigeria, saw 37 artists from each of the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) collaborate to create the artwork.

    For some, the portrait, intended as a tribute to President Tinubu, is a representation of Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage and its democratic values.

    Others view it as a misplaced priority, questioning the timing and the significance of such a grand gesture amidst the country’s disturbing economic and social challenges.

    Being inspired by portraits of former U.S. President Barack Obama and Queen Elizabeth, the artwork combines a theme of leadership with cultural importance. The event was a communal initiative by the Artefact Gallery, Best Theatre Company, and the National Council for Arts and Culture.

    Albeit, social media platforms have been abuzz with comments ranging from sarcastic commendations to outright bashing.

    Cornelius Ikpe sarcastically congratulated Nigerians, stating that simply viewing the portrait and drinking water would suffice in these trying times. Another user spoke with disbelief at the focus on the portrait, urging the government to address more pressing issues like the high inflation rate affecting food prices.

    Again, Amaechi Ifeanyi commented sarcastically, “What a great achievement! We are doing very well as a country. This will no doubt boost our economy. The government has done well. Mtchew!”

    Al-amin Shuayb expressed frustration with the current economic situation, saying, “Oga President, what kills Nigerians in APC’s rule is border closure, forget about our major rice millers and allow importation of foodstuffs. Having three square meals these days has been classified as a miracle for the common man.”

    Many comments show dissatisfaction with what is perceived as misplaced priorities. Ebuka Emmanuel stated, “No tangible stuff to be used to celebrate him… one year in office they use a change of national anthem to celebrate him… democracy day they are using this one to celebrate him… we are doomed.”

    Micheal Olaogun agreed to this, stating, “Just imagine… a sane and responsible person will be ashamed and will order that this act of nuisance be reversed. 40% inflation on food prices and all they have to do is this??? Of course he’s mastered the art of the 48 laws of power which promote deception, manipulation, and exploitation of others.”

    The unveiling has also prompted calls for more direct action to address Nigeria’s pressing issues. “These people act like they don’t care about the public outcry. We need to take over the entire country with protests clamouring for good governance. Freedom is not served on a plate of gold. We Nigerians need to fight for our freedom from these cruel people,” Kareem urged.

    While some see the portrait as a positive symbol of unity, others view it as a distraction from the real issues facing the country. “What we need is the naira to be the world’s most valued currency under Tinubu. Una too dey get time for trivial things for this una country,” lamented a Joel Mone.

    The canvas painting of President Tinubu has become a canvas for the Nigerian people to project their frustrations and hopes for the country.

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