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    Tuesday, July 9, 2024

    Chuba Okadigbo to Commences Flight Operations in August

    Olufemi Adeyemi

    The Chuba Okadigbo Airport in Ebonyi State has been completed and is set to commence flight operations in August.

    EBONYI State Government has announced the successful completion of the rehabilitation project at Chuba Okadigbo International Airport. Flight operations are anticipated to commence in August of this year.

    Ebonyi State Commissioner for Aviation and Transport Technology, Ngozi Obichukwu, informed reporters at the airport that the state government has finalized plans to acquire four aircraft (branded as Ebonyiairline) to facilitate the airport’s successful launch.

    The airport rehabilitation project, reportedly costing approximately N42 billion, was undertaken by the David Umahi-led administration and was considered complete. However, flight operations at the airport remain suspended due to the poor condition of its concrete runway..

    As a result, the current State Government had to invest over N20 billion in the airport to make it operational. The rehabilitation work on the runway has been completed, and flight operations will commence shortly, as confirmed by the Commissioner.

    Obichukwu went on to say that investors have already expressed interest in providing the state with an additional three aircraft. She expressed optimism that the airport would enhance the state’s economic standing and serve as a global showcase for Ebonyi.

    “We anticipate the commencement of our aircraft operations in the near future. Upon the initiation of flight operations at the airport, we have secured additional investment for the acquisition of three additional aircraft. The terms of this agreement have been finalized, and the process of acquiring these aircraft will commence shortly.

    “Allow me to inform you that our esteemed Governor is deeply committed to the arrival of our aircraft. We are thrilled to announce the simultaneous launch of four planes, creating a momentous occasion that will undoubtedly capture everyone’s attention. The Governor’s vision is to transform this airport into a thriving economic hub for the entire Southeast region.

    She conveyed her delight upon the runway’s completion and disclosed that flight operations at the airport were anticipated to commence in August of this year.

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