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    Thursday, July 11, 2024

    Customs Aids N1.2 billion in Export Facilitation at Lagos Port In Q2

    The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) facilitated the export of goods worth N1.2 billion through the Lagos Port in the second quarter of 2023.

    The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), Lilypond Export Command, reported on Tuesday that its Nigeria Export Supervision Scheme (NESS) reached N1.2 billion in the second quarter of 2024.

    The Lilypond Export Command's Comptroller of Customs, Ajibola Odusanya, disclosed this information in Lagos.

    It is observed by Odusanya that there was a substantial increase in NESS payments during the second quarter of 2024 when compared to the corresponding period in 2023. Specifically, the revenue generated in the second quarter of 2024 amounted to N1.2 billion, representing a significant rise compared to the N478.7 million recorded in the same period of the previous year.

    In accordance with the fiscal policy directive of the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN), a total of N29.6 million was generated as a surcharge on the export of previously imported goods and machinery, as approved by the Federal Ministry of Finance in 2024. Additionally, N535,000 was generated in 2023.

    “As we all know, the year 2024 is facing numerous challenges, and Nigeria is not exempted. Important sectors of the economy are adversely affected due to the unstable exchange rate.

    He stated that the order led to a notable export of a variety of goods, including agricultural produce, manufactured items, solid and extractive minerals, and more.

    “A total of 2,488 20ft and 40ft containers were stuffed with agricultural produce, generating earnings amounting to $135.4 million.

    “Notably, the Nigeria Export Supervision Scheme (NESS) received a payment of N913.7 million underscoring the robust contribution of agricultural exports to the national economy.

    “With 267 containers dispatched, manufactured goods contributed significantly to export revenue, totaling $9.5 million dollars,” he said.

    He further stated that the NESS payment made to the federal government of Nigeria totaled N57.23 million, demonstrating the industry’s resilience and competitive edge in the international market.

    “The export of solid and extractive minerals witnessed a notable upsurge, with 623 20ft and 40ft containers dispatched, valued at $34.3 million dollars.

    “The NESS payment of N232.7 million, highlights the growing potential of Nigeria’s mineral resources on the international stage.

    “Additionally, various goods such as plants & machinery, and personal effects were exported in 162 20ft and 40ft containers, contributing $5.5 million to export revenue,” he said.

    Odusanya further mentioned that a NESS payment of N24.0 million was made, highlighting the diversified nature of Nigeria’s export portfolio.

    He expressed his appreciation to the Comptroller General of Customs, Mr. Bashir Adeniyi, and his management team for collaborating with the Nigerian Ports Authority to consolidate all export seats in Zone “A” under the Lilypond Export Command.

    Odusanya expressed his gratitude to all stakeholders and sister agencies for their contributions to the growth in export. He reaffirmed their commitment to ensuring efficient and seamless trade facilitation.

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