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    Saturday, July 6, 2024

    Digital Services Act: EU Requests Additional Info from Amazon Regarding its Compliance

    Amazon has been requested by the European Union to provide additional information regarding its compliance with the Digital Services Act.

    In accordance with the Digital Services Act (DSA), the European Commission has requested that Amazon provide additional information regarding the measures taken by the company to comply with the new digital regulations. The DSA mandates platforms to enhance consumer protection and transparency.

    The commission requested additional details regarding the platform’s actions to adhere to the DSA requirements for recommender system transparency.

    Content recommendation algorithms are utilized by platforms to deliver more tailored content. In accordance with the DSA, platforms are obligated to mitigate potential risks associated with such systems.

    In accordance with the DSA, the world’s largest digital corporations are required to establish an advertisement repository. This repository will provide comprehensive information regarding the advertisements displayed on their platforms.

    The commission sought further information regarding the design, development, deployment, testing, and maintenance of the Amazon Store Ad Library’s online interface.

    Amazon must fulfill the request no later than July 26.

    The most recent request represents the initial phase of a potential compliance process. However, it does not imply a breach of the law or indicate any punitive measures.

    Amazon confirmed that it is currently assessing the request and collaborating closely with the commission.

    “Amazon fully supports the European Commission’s objective of establishing a secure, reliable, and trustworthy shopping environment,” said an Amazon representative.

    “We make substantial investments in safeguarding our store from malicious actors, illegal content, and fostering a trustworthy shopping experience.”

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