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    Saturday, July 6, 2024

    Nigerian Students Emerged Victorious in International Debate Competition

    The students presenting the trophies to Minister of State for Education, Dr Yusuf Sununu in Abuja on Friday

    Nigerian students have achieved notable success in international debate competitions, demonstrating their exceptional skills and knowledge in these prestigious events.

    Students representing public Junior Secondary Schools from Kwara, Katsina, and Benue states presented the trophies they won for Nigeria in three international debate competitions held in Indonesia, Singapore, and Dubai to the Minister of State for Education, Dr. Yusuf Sununu, on Friday.

    The Chairman of the National Advisory Board of the President’s School Debate of Nigeria, Usman Mohammad, led the students in presenting the trophies to the Minister.

    Upon receiving the trophies, Sununu commended the debate club for cultivating exceptional communication and critical thinking skills among the student body.

    Furthermore, he commended the students’ remarkable progress and adaptability, encouraging them to maintain their current momentum.

    “I extend my sincere congratulations to the champions for their remarkable achievements. While it is undoubtedly easier to attain victory, the true challenge lies in maintaining that success over time.

    In this regard, we reaffirm our unwavering support for you throughout the administration of President Bola Tinubu, who has consistently demonstrated a steadfast commitment to the education sector.

    The eight-point agenda serves as a guiding framework, prioritizing education with a focus on knowledge acquisition, character development, and skill enhancement,” he said.

    The minister suggested that the convener of the schools debate competition devise debatable topics centered around potential solutions to effectively tackle the pressing issue of out-of-school children in the nation.

    He encouraged the students to serve as exemplary figures for the substantial number of children not attending school, thereby demonstrating the importance of education and potentially inspiring them to resume their studies.

    Earlier, Mohammad commended state governors for sponsoring students to participate in international competitions.

    The board chairman also appealed to public-spirited individuals and private sector organizations to identify and sponsor students for such competitions.

    Mr. Dare Oritu, the esteemed National Coordinator and President of School Debate, shared his insights on the competition’s remarkable journey spanning over two decades. He expressed his gratitude to the state governors for their generous sponsorships and rewards, which included both cash and landed properties. Mr. Oritu emphasized that these incentives serve as a significant motivator for the students, encouraging them to excel in future competitions and bring further glory to the nation.

    On behalf of the student body, Miss Ene Aduba, a student at UBE Girls Junior Secondary School in Benue State, expressed gratitude to the ministry for providing a platform to showcase their talents to an international audience.

    “My experience is one that will stay with me for the rest of my life, as I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the debate. I was given the opportunity to compete with individuals from diverse backgrounds, which is an experience I will never forget.

    I have had the privilege of traveling extensively, crossing oceans and seas, and I am deeply grateful for these experiences.

    My father served as a significant source of motivation for me. During my preparation for the debate, I experienced the loss of my father, which fueled my determination to work diligently and make him proud.

    Teams representing the three nations emerged victorious in debate competitions held in Indonesia, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates between January and May of 2024. 

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