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    Monday, July 8, 2024

    Nigeria's Franka Undie Garners Distinction In Foreign University for Pioneering Healthcare AI Solution

    Franka Undie, a Nigerian national, has achieved notable recognition at an international university for her pioneering artificial intelligence solution in the healthcare sector.

    A Nigerian woman, Franka Undie, has received widespread recognition and praise for her exceptional achievement in the Master’s degree program in Mathematics and Informatics (Artificial Intelligence) at RUDN University in Russia.

    Franka originates from the Yala local government area situated in Cross River State, a region in southern Nigeria.

    Mathew Okachie, the husband of Franka and the Chief Press Secretary (CPS) to the Speaker of Cross River State House of Assembly, commended Franka for bringing honor to their family.

    “I won’t lie, the entire family is proud of Franka for graduating with Distinction in Master’s degree in Mathematics and Informatics – Artificial Intelligence,” an elated Okachie said on Sunday in Calabar.

    Prior to embarking on an international journey to pursue a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence at RUDN University in Russia, Franka had declined numerous opportunities that would have allowed her to obtain a Master’s degree from various prestigious universities worldwide. Ultimately, she successfully gained admission to RUDN University, where she completed her studies with remarkable distinction.

    In 2019, Franka Undie garnered significant global recognition by securing over 20 Master of Science admissions from esteemed universities worldwide.

    Okachie mentioned that prior to Franka’s graduation, she was the recipient of a distinguished award in recognition of her pioneering scientific research endeavors. Her work demonstrated significant potential in revolutionizing the healthcare industry by leveraging the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence.

    By choosing to further her education at RUDN University, she displayed exceptional commitment and intellectual prowess, which culminated in her recent graduation with distinction, earning a Master of Science degree.

    It has been brought to our attention that Franka’s MSc thesis has established a new standard in the integration of AI within the healthcare industry, as highlighted by Okachie.

    The Cross River Speaker's aide emphasized that Franka’s research is centered on the development of an AI system that not only assists medical professionals in decision-making, but also offers clear and comprehensible explanations for its recommendations.

    This cutting-edge innovation aims to revolutionize medical decision-making by empowering healthcare professionals with comprehensive patient data, thereby facilitating informed choices and optimizing patient outcomes.

    The user-friendly interface of our AI system is a key differentiator. It simplifies complex AI algorithms, making them easily understandable and accessible to medical professionals, even those without extensive technical expertise.

    This groundbreaking advancement has the potential to substantially enhance patient outcomes by guaranteeing that medical choices are both data-driven and understandable.

    Okachie affirmed that Franka’s outstanding work has been duly recognized. Notably, she was bestowed with a prestigious award from RUDN University in acknowledgment of her significant scientific contributions. This recognition underscores the profound impact and relevance of her research in the domains of artificial intelligence and healthcare.

    “This recognition serves as a testament to her pioneering mindset and the tangible impact of her work.

    “In addition to her academic achievements and research contributions, my wife, Franka, demonstrates a strong commitment to excellence and service in her personal life,” Okachie stated.

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