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    Thursday, July 4, 2024

    Ruth Kadiri Set Sights on Revolutionizing Nigerian Film Industry

    Ruth Kadiri, a prominent figure in the Nigerian film industry, has expressed her unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the current cinematic landscape.

    During a recent Instagram post, the versatile performer shared her distinctive thought process. Kadiri frequently contemplates the potential impact on her brand’s success in the absence of external promotional assistance.

    She expressed her self-reliance in promoting her work and her commitment to transforming the Nigerian film industry.

    Ms. Kadiri assured that individuals would patronize her cinematic productions not due to any sense of duty, but rather on the merits of their inherent watch ability and the trust they have in her.

    She underscored her commitment to constructing an enduring brand that does not depend on incessant solicitations for assistance. Kadiri confidently asserted that she is not in a rush, as her primary objective is to establish a robust foundation.

    She wrote, “The way my brain functions!!!! I ask myself what would become of my BRAND if I had no promotional help from someone!!!

    Truthfully I don’t bank on anyone so when you choose not to offer help I’m really not bothered.

    I’ll change the pattern in Nigerian cinema, I promise you all!

    You’ll watch my movie not because someone begged you to watch it! But because you trust ME!

    I’m here to build a brand of longevity that definitely doesn’t require constant begging!

    I, Ruth Kadiri, am not in a hurry, don’t worry about that! Building a solid structure is all I’m about! So when you see that opening credit that has my eye on it, you know your money/data is never gonna be wasted!!!!”

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