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    Monday, July 1, 2024

    Toyota Announces Plans to Introduce Three Electric Vehicle Models in Nigeria

    Toyota Nigeria Limited has announce its intention to introduce three electric vehicles in the Nigerian market over the next three years. This initiative aligns with the government’s green deal initiative, demonstrating our commitment to sustainable transportation and environmental stewardship.

    Mr. Kunle Ade-Ojo, the Managing Director of TNL, revealed this information during a press conference held on Friday. The occasion was the inaugural Toyota Motor Show, which was organized by TNL.

    The Toyota Cross, RAV4, and Land Cruiser Prado are the upcoming hybrid electric vehicles from Toyota that will soon be available in Nigeria.

    Mr. Ade-Ojo stated that the company will introduce Toyota’s first hybrid electric vehicle, the Toyota Cross, by the end of the current year. He further disclosed plans to introduce the RAV4 hybrid in the following year and the Land Cruiser Prado hybrid in late 2025 or early 2026.

    Additionally, TNL has pledged its extensive network of workshops to bolster the Federal Government’s initiative promoting the adoption of Compressed Natural Gas-powered vehicles through conversion.

    “We are almost concluding arrangements with different partners to use our network of workshops for vehicle conversion to CNG-powered,” he said.

    As per the TNL MD’s recollection, Nigeria sold approximately 10,000 new vehicles in the preceding year, with Toyota accounting for roughly 1,500 units.

    Approximately 15,000 new vehicles are anticipated to be sold in Nigeria this year, according to his statement. Additionally, he mentioned that Toyota is on track to double its sales performance from the previous year.

    The exclusive automotive exhibition featured a variety of events, including a vehicle display, the unveiling of two new Toyota products, special after-sales packages, test drives, and engaging interactions.

    The three-day event (June 27-29) took place in Lekki, featuring an environment and atmosphere comparable to international automobile exhibitions held in Europe and America.

    The spacious and comfortable area also housed the Body and Paint Department, the Spare Parts section, and the Service Department.

    Within the event center, an international test-drive arena was fully decorated for the Toyota showcase. This arena provided customers with the opportunity to experience any of the vehicles on display.

    Apart from the TNL MD Ade-Ojo, other executives  of TNL were on the ground giving details of each of the vehicles displayed as well as after-sales advisory.

    Mr. Ade-Ojo personally guided a select group of corporate clients, including high-ranking government officials and prominent CEOs of leading companies, on an exclusive tour of the various departments and facilities.

    Speaking with journalists earlier, he said, “This presentation is intended for all Toyota customers and other Nigerian citizens who are interested in purchasing Toyota vehicles.

    “While we’re still participating in other shows, this solo Toyota Motor Show will enable us to concentrate on our customers’ needs, giving them a view of our range of vehicles and letting them to know other things we can do for them in terms of after-sale service, spare parts availability and body and paint as well as other value-adding services.”

    The show, he said, afforded the TNL team an opportunity to “have one-on-one interaction with our customers without any distraction; free diagnosis on customers’ vehicles and a test drive, all taking place in a quiet and comfortable environment.”

    Ade-Ojo, who also engaged in discussions with the CEOs, expressed contentment with the attendance and the results of the event.

    “The recent team-building event was a resounding success, providing an exceptional opportunity for meaningful one-on-one interactions between our esteemed team members and valued guests”, he said

    “The after-sales sector has garnered significant customer interest. The complimentary diagnostic service has been well-received. The Belta and Rumion models were unveiled at the event.”

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