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    Monday, February 24, 2014

    Outrage Over 2Face’ Reckless Lifestyle With Women

    There has been outpouring of anger by fans of famous Nigeria music star, Innocent Ujah Idibia, otherwise known as 2Face Idibia.
    Last week, there was a report that he impregnated a banker, Teniola Onise, who works in a new generation bank, and doubles as the singer’s account officer, went viral on the social media.
    The news was denied by 2Baba, as he is also fondly called, with his wife, Annie Macaulay solidly behind him in the denial.
    2Face has an antecedent of fathering children from different mothers. He is well known for not zipping up, and he has been questioned by his numerous fans for not playing safe with women by using condom during sexual intercourses with them.

    Judging by his history with women, fans of the talented and successful musician are of the belief that 2Face’s denial of the story is aimed at saving his less than one-year marriage to Annie, who may be shocked to discover that her husband has scored another away goal in the ‘Champions League’. 

    According to online comments of fans on the news, there are fears that the singer’s love for ‘five minutes enjoyment’ may wreck his music career. They are of the opinion that 2Face has become reckless with women and that he would have more than two football teams amongst his children very soon with the way he is having affairs with women.
    Already, there are fears about his health, especially with the way Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) spread these days. 

    Below are comments gathered from various online news platforms on the story.  

     ‘This is not a crime in Benue State. the guy name na 2 face one face for marriage the second face for baby mama's. Anonymous

    TUFACE, u're a cheap star who cannot handle the shouts of ladies. God really made a mistake to raise u from grass to grace. U're not handsome, u're just a lustful man. after all ur mess with several children from dfferent moms, u got married & could not respect ur vows, shame to you. so sorry for u cos u're digging ur own early grave. Bad Model u are. so cheap! CMR

    2FACE IS A ...
    Its time 2Face is BLACKED OUT from public prominence before he infects our youth with his cronic imoral sexual weakness. In very civilised world, someone like 2Face would long have belonged to r*****h bin of history all for his dirty and negative influence on the youth. Unfortunately, Nigeria is a funny place where even D*** like 2Face are still given attentions when they talk in public.
    I sympathise with Annie who didn't think through her decisions properly before settling for a D** for a husband. The worse part of it is her future and that of her children has never been secured; with the attitude of 2Face continueing unabated, the route to Annie's peaceful old age is very turbulent. I hope she is preparing for the dirty fights that awaits her at the demise of the D** 2Face Idibia. BOLUWABAFE

    Shameful Indeed.
    2Face is just a disgrace and should not be regarded as a Role Model to any youth. Andy Anderson

    u too much
    2face I be like ur music but de dog in u I nor like.I know all de daughters of jezebel will do anything to lay u on bed and since u don't fear God u will continue cheating on ur wife. I'll pray for u so God can arrest u, I see u preaching one day.I dey follow woman like u before God arrest me.My wifey nor trust me b'cos of my past life especially since one of my ex was still keeping in touch.I like bedding women especially those better back side. proo.

    What a shame
    A leopard will never change its spots. I thought that after marrying Annie, he would settle but it seems like it is the opposite. The marriage is just a year old and already sleeping around without protection. Is this man scared of AIDS really. Annie beware lest you get a disease that will finish you. Talk to your husband. ODM

    Yoruba women please leave 2face alone. We all know that this is rooted in your culture but please do it with your brothers who understands the game. With Calabar woman and Idoma man, there may not be any property to share if it what you are digging at. Chioma

    souds like chidi mokeme case, who could not zip up bearly a year after his marriage, s****d i***ts. i pity the women who agreed to marry you. They will cry for the rest of the ir marriage life. Agu

    2 Baba
    Na wa for this man ooo..or boy? God go help am sha. Joshua

    Na wa ooh
    I knew 2face will impregnate anoda lady,annie macaulay continue showing ur post baby pictyres while ur rainbow is busy doing oda ladies.Annie sorry u. Chardey

    nawa ooo
    Am shaking my head 4 u 2face..2face indeed. Peejay

    If u don't know what to comment it's better u keep quiet. Don't say all female bankers are p********es.If ur sisters are please don't generalize it. Mcvivy

    Wat more can i say
    Dont even knw wat 2 say. Dis tins aint ryt but we re all human bound 2 make mistakes. Learn 2 control urself broda. Baba.

    I love that, continue 2 give us more babies 2face
    I love annie macaulay expecialy her dauther isabella bcos she beautiful and now how 2 post in picture, so pls iam not hating iam a big fan, i want nigerian population 2 rich that of china, pls teniola keep ur baby 2 increase our ppltion, & 4 u 2 have ur share of the wealth. Luv u annie.

    Annie forgive am..
    Let God hear our cry oooh.God pliz create more men for our women nah.The woman is to blame here,why agree and she knows 2baba is married????.Annie dont leave your husband for this cheap women at aaaaaaaalllllllll coz that is the strategy,be wise mama isabella. Cxcx.

    I just don't know what to say kabosh kabash fire receive ur fredom from every course of impregnanting babes ijn if this true know say dey don course am hooooha e no fit be with ordinary eye. Bebe | 2/17/2014 2:50:31 PM

    Na wa ooooooooooo
    na wa for all dis girls, if tuface no get sense wat of d girl. Gbemi.

    Hell is real
    he has all the chance now to repent and be washed in the blood of Jesus before it is too late. Omoakin

    Tu face, go forth now to Revd Areogun in Oshogbo to be delivered from ancestral yoke. You can't control the demons physical. Your issue is no more natural. Tumi

    About tuface
    Chioma or woteva u call ur name u are so s****d by sayin yoruba ladies shuld leave tuface alone,is tuface's wife a yoruba lady dnt know y u pple dnt use ur brain bfor commenting.its no fault of d lady since tuface cannot zip up his ugly dick y wunt he b a cheap dog....i think one shuld pray bfor settling down cos if i happen to marry a guy like tuface i will kill him cos he his so wicked he cant even respect his wife....gosh guess cos pple say u are handsome dats wot gettin into ur head,u look like a zombie so ugly wit ur big head. Merry.

    Short of words
    2baba,ur start s good to copy but ur end will be hurt like a hell wen it com to a stage for u to rest think abt it and if its tru ask fr God forgiveness. Febby.

    Deliverance prayer
    Let's pray 4 him for a deliverance. He needs 2 be delivered from d spirit of lust. Daniel Bello

    About 2face and the rumours!
    I guess u guys commenting deadly against my biggest naija music prince super star, are nothing but gossip, get that into ya head, cos u ain't a star, u ain't posted with any of ur movements in any spotlight, tryna hold ur mouth, women u knw are the image of EVE, they lure 2 get u trapped in the closet be u anytin; wht abt other normal knwn 2 serve God in place of us (name nt mentioned) who hpned 2 av made such mistakes too? Weren't they bn confused by d same women, Adam the father of all, didn't get thru d same problem, is that nt what we all passing thru uptill date, F*ck all u guys! U guys who complain bitterly is ntn but controversial 2baba and the wife. Paul Massai

    On this issue
    Paul massai,your comment is wrong because as humans we should be able to control ourselves sometimes.for everything we do is in us except in the case of someone who has been cursed.well we've seen no prove yet.I just hope it is not true. Joyce

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