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    How Angry Lady Blasts Olori Wuraola, Freeze Over Gender Equality Comment In Open Letter

    Nigerian lady, Lailan Mary Amara Jacob is so angry over the recent trending statements Ooni of Ife’s wife, Olori Wuraola and OAP Freeze made concerning gender equality.

    You recall Olori Wuraola had said she’s not a huge fan of gender equality. While speaking at the Emerging Women’s Forum in National Harbor, Maryland

    OAP Freeze later backed Olori up saying, Amara has some strong words for Olori, OAP Freeze
    Kindly read:

    When educated men and women display high level of ignorance, one is forced to speak. Before one makes a public speech, I think it is wise to do some research. It is always safer to get the facts right, before picking up a microphone to show off. Gender equality does not mean competing with ones husband. Neither does it mean rivalry between the man and the woman. Gender equality is not all about marriage. It goes beyond that. Let me educate you both, since you failed to do your home work.

    What is gender equality?
    In simple terms gender equality means the state in which access to rights or opportunities is unaffected by gender. This means that boys and girls, men and women should get equal opportunities in every area of life. I will give you few examples.

    Everyone should get an equal opportunity to go to school. The girl-child should not be denied access to education because she is a girl. Are you not aware that in some cultures/religion women are not allowed to go to school?

    Men and women should get equal employment opportunity. Look at our work force today, it is dominated by the men. Do u know why there are more poor women than men today? It is because women don’t get same opportunity as the men.

    There should be equal representation. How many women get political appointments? How many are elected into public offices? How many women are governors? How many women are in the state and National Assemblies? Can men truly represent the interest of women?

    We have obnoxious cultural practices that relegate women to background. Little girls are forced into marriages against wishes. Of course you know what widows go through in this part of the world. Is it fair
    on our mothers? Is it fair that men who are physically stronger should molest women they are meant to protect? And you proudly say you are not a fan of gender equality? What ignorance!

    Women should be given same treatment as men. A woman should be allowed to have a say in her matrimonial home. She is not a slave. The man and woman are like two sides of a coin. They need each other. We have our different roles to play. If you have been pregnant before, then you will know what it means to carry a child for nine months in your womb, go through labour pains, then nurse the child to maturity. Most women are never appreciated by their men, what they get is abuse, abuse and abuse even when they are heavily pregnant. If I may ask, why did you leave your first marriage? And your second marriage? Why did you walk away and walked into a third one? Does it have anything to do with being treated like a slave? Does it have anything to do with
    frequent abuse? Or did you just walk away without a reason? How can you convince me that you don’t believe in gender equality when you already have two failed marriages? Why didn’t you remain a slave in those marriages?

    As for Freeze, my humble suggestion is that your university degree be investigated. It is shame that after passing through the four walls of the university and working in a media house for decades, you still don’t know the meaning of gender equality. What are shame! Besides, you seem to be a man without principles. You are neither here no there. Speaking from both sides of your mouth at all the time in your desperate search for cheap popularity. Today you are here and the next moment you are on another side. Stay off social media in your own interest!
    For all those who truly do not understand what gender equality means, here is your chance. It has been explained in plain simple English.

    Amara Jacob

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