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    Wednesday, March 18, 2020

    Coronavirus: Those at High Risk of Getting Infected Revealed

    Even before the Covid-19 coronavirus reached more than 100 countries around the world, early data from China — where the outbreak started — suggested that older adults were the most vulnerable to the worst effects of the disease.

    Now, that data, along with emerging research from Italy — the second-most-affected country in the world — is showing just how dangerous Covid-19 is for older people, and others with with heart, lung, and immunological conditions.
    Scientists have identified the various classes of people at high risks of getting infected with the raging coronavirus, which as at Wednesday morning has killed over 8000 people and infected close to 200,000 people in 167 countries.

    A new Chinese study has revealed that people with blood group ‘A’ are most at risk than other blood groups,

    According to the scientists, those with type ‘O’ blood group are more resistant to the virus than people belonging to any other blood groups.

    For the research, the scientists took the blood samples of 2,000 patients affected with COVID-19 in Wuhan and Shenzhen. They then checked the blood group patterns of the affected people and compared them with the local population.

    The study results suggested that individuals with blood group type ‘A’ are more prone to develop severe symptoms than people of any other group.

    Another research on coronavirus shows that people with medical complications including hypertension and diabetes, are at high risk of getting the infection.

    People with no underlying condition and a good immunity level can fight against coronavirus more effectively than those who already are suffering from some diseases.

    One’s health is directly proportional to one’s immunity. When one is suffering from diabetes, not only the blood sugar level goes crazily up but insulin production gets compromised too. This gives rise to a complication called a weakened immune system which puts one at an increased risk of suffering from various conditions.

    Also, diabetics have been found to have a slow blood flow compared to healthy humans.

    This doesn’t entirely fulfil the nutrient need of the body. Notably, immune cells travel throughout the body through the circulatory system and poor blood flow means low availability of immune cells in the body to fight against harmful pathogens and substance.

    Diabetics are already at high risk of getting complications including kidney failure, nerve damage, eye damage, skin condition, and cardiovascular ailments. So, getting another deadly infection like COVID-19 can raise their risk of dying.

    Not only diabetics but people with an increased level of blood sugar also take longer to get recovered. For them, longer hospitalisation can become a common thing due to the slow healing process of their bodies.

    As a diabetic, you must limit going to crowded places. Social distancing is a must. Also, check your blood sugar level daily as any symptom of COVID-19 can suddenly raise your blood sugar level. Do not ignore even a minor sign of the infection. Your compromised immune system makes it easier for the virus to thrive inside your body. You should eat healthy food, drink plenty of fluid and avoid dehydration.

    How to boost your immunity:
    Fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C such as orange, broccoli, mango, parsley, guava etc. can boost your immunity.

    Vitamin C works because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Having enough of this vitamin on a daily basis can help you prevent or/and reduce the symptoms of respiratory infections like common cold and bronchitis.

    Green tea
    It contains a potent antioxidant called polyphenols that have immune-boosting effects. Also, its consumption can improve one’s brain function and regulate one’s weight. Even if you wish to reduce the risk of getting diabetes and heart diseases, green tea can be effective.

    Yogurt is rich in probiotics, microorganisms that are known to be gut-friendly and strengthening the immune system. Eating yogurt every day can increase the level of good bacteria in your gut and can improve your first line of defence against pathogens. Notably, your gut flora constitutes 70 per cent of the immune system.

    With reports by India.com
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