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    Monday, April 3, 2023

    Big Bull: Changing Narrative in Nigeria’s Packaged Rice Industry

    Identifying a pressing need in a brand’s ecosystem and doing something pragmatic to fix it is the hallmark of a company desirous of being relevant and getting ahead of its competitors.

    For many years, consumers have had to patronize imported, loose rice sold in open basins in neighbourhood stores and open markets. Primarily, concerns stemmed from the ease with which loose or unpackaged rice was subjected to contamination and age concealment that posed a risk to consumer health and safety.

    Many people bought, and are still buying such rice, not minding the high risk of contamination and poor handling, simply because they erroneously attribute the purchase of packaged rice to those with affluence.
    At the forefront of driving the narrative for consumers to embrace packaged rice for its numerous advantages is Big Bull Rice. The uniqueness of Big Bull Rice not only comes from its uncompromising quality production standards, but through it’s different pack sizes that meet the needs of everyone’s pocket.

    Big Bull Rice’s range of available pack sizes ensures that consumers get good quality, nutritious and hygienic rice for their varying needs and convenience. Gone are the days when the only option for small portions of rice were offered in loose form and sold, using old rusty tins.
    For the best-packaged rice brand in the market, look no further than Big Bull Rice.
    Big Bull Rice is produced in an advanced, automated rice milling factory of WACOT Rice Limited in Argungu, Kebbi State that ensures that manual handling is eliminated to the barest minimum. And, as a result of this, consumers only get rice produced in the best hygienic conditions.
    Big Bull Rice provides the best cooking experience because it has less broken pieces and discards. Also, with reduced exposure to contamination at the point of sale, coupled with state-of-the-art production processes, it does not carry the baggage of discolouration associated with loose or unpackaged rice.

    The cutting-edge technology used by WACOT Rice Limited ensures that the product has less moisture hence its water absorption and swelling index is high, giving consumers a pleasant cooking experience with volume and value.
    With Big Bull Rice, you are assured of good quality, safety, convenience and a great taste of homegrown ingenuity with unique packaging that cuts across every category.

    Only recently, the brand introduced the N100 pack size to cater to a wider spectrum of consumers who desire healthy, affordably packaged rice tailored precisely to meet their specific lifestyles and needs.
    Mrs. Florence Edebiri, a housewife and mother whose age-long perception that home-made, packaged rice was a poor imitation of its imported alternative has since found out that Big Bull Rice offers her a better cooking experience that she could have ever imagined.

    These days, she takes great pleasure in cooking and serving bowls of prepared Big Bull Rice to the delight of her family.
    Moochikal Damodaran Ramesh, CEO of TGI Group’s Agribusiness, in assessing the progress the company has made in making Big Bull Rice a favourite in many Nigerian homes, says that the quality of the brand originated from the attention paid to it from its planting, harvesting, processing, storage and packaging stages.
    He is also pleased to mention that WACOT Rice Limited, Kebbi State, with an impressive track record of partnering with local farmers in order to get better yields, has gone a long way to enhance the profile and acceptability of Big Bull Rice, just as it has with the quality of life of the farmers.
    “The quality of Big Bull Rice is a function of the modern process we use. The process from the farm, to production, to storage defines the quality output,” he says.

    “Big Bull Rice has less broken pieces and discards. This quality attribute drives the numerous set of consumers we have who are repeat loyalists,” he adds.
    “The standards we have created has lifted Big Bull Rice to the level where it is now being compared with imported, not local brands. It is perceived as local goodness when compared with foreign brands.
    “And our ultimate goal is to see the Big Bull Rice being the foremost brand of choice for our teeming consumers not only because it offers a different value in terms of quality, hygiene, convenience and affordability, but because it is readily available anywhere they live in Nigeria,” he concludes.

    His view aligns with those of his fellow executive who believes that high-grade quality has defined the Big Bull Rice as a brand of choice for most Nigerians.
    “The need to give our consumers a rice brand that set the standards in quality, safety, hygiene, convenience and affordability was the inspiration behind our concept of the packaged Big Bull Rice,” Probal Bhattacharya, Chief Marketing Officer, TGI Group informs.
    “We are pleased with the growing positive consumer perception of safety, health, and convenience of Big Bull Rice. This cuts across various socio-economic classes and regions as more consumers embrace the concept of packaged rice that Big Bull offers over loose unpackaged rice.

    “With the recent launch of Big Bull Rice N100 pack size, consumers now have one more reason to eat healthy at a convenient price. The N100 Big Bull Rice pack makes quality packaged rice affordable and more accessible ” he adds.
    With the plethora of benefits consumers enjoy from Big Bull Rice, it is clear it has the ability to win in a market which was traditionally flooded with various kinds of imported brands.
    The company says so. The consumers say so.

    Big Bull Rice is Nigeria’s foremost parboiled rice. Big Bull is premium milled, stone free, with an excellent swelling index that retains the natural taste and texture of goodness from the Nigerian soil. An absolute cooking delight with the best texture, uniform size and shape, each grain is highly nutritious, rich in vitamin B, iron, dietary fibres and protein with low glycemic index for healthy consumption. Big Bull is the ideal choice for a great-tasting rice dish, be it jollof rice, fried rice, white rice, coconut rice and many more. Available in various consumer-friendly pack sizes nationwide.

    Tropical General Investments TGI Group is an international investment and holding company with diversified interests and investments across Africa the Middle East Asia and other emerging markets. TGI’s investments focus on driving inclusivity and value addition using locally sourced raw materials state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and a highly skilled workforce to produce world-class products that are consumed both locally and exported to global markets. Across markets, TGI Group owns over a hundred leading brands in fast-moving consumer goods, agricultural inputs, industrial chemicals, home care products and pharmaceuticals.
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