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    Thursday, June 1, 2023

    We Want to Revolutionlise Tourism in Africa — Ibloov

    Innovative tourism firm, Ibloov, has said with its approach to business, tourism would be revolutionalised in the African continent.

    The firm noted this in a statement in Lagos, adding that Ibloov is a brand that celebrates African culture, beauty and heritage, with a focus on promoting local tourism and showcasing the continent’s untapped potential.

    It added that history has it that tourism in Africa can be traced back to the 1800s, when Europeans making what was called the “grand tour” of Europe began extending their travels to include more exotic destinations in faraway regions. Morocco, Algeria, South Africa, and especially Egypt and the Nile River valley attracted many European visitors in that epoch and as they say, the rest is history.

    Indeed, it noted, Africa is home of immense diversity and beauty, boasting a rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and unique wildlife with all the varying prerequisites to stand tall as the best continent for tourism in the whole world and help folks from every tribe and tongue to replicate the scenario painted above in dynamic forms but quite sadly, the narrative around African tourism has been skewed by negative stereotypes for decades, with the focus often on negative issues such as poverty, disease, terrorism corruption, and crime.

    According to Ibloov, “This misrepresentation of Africa has hindered the growth of the continent’s tourism industry, particularly local tourism.

    “We are a breath of fresh air in an industry that has long been dominated by misrepresentations and stereotypes.

    “Ibloov’s mission is to create a tourism ecosystem that empowers local communities, generates revenue, and promotes sustainable tourism that benefits both visitors and local communities alike. We take pride in luxury travel experiences, curated cultural tours, and immersive local experiences.

    “One of our key strategies is to leverage technology to create a seamless booking experience for customers. The company’s website and mobile app provide an easy-to-use platform for booking travel experiences, accommodations, and activities.

    “Ibloov also maximises several social media platforms to promote engage with its audience, sharing stunning visuals and stories of African culture and beauty.

    “Another key strategy for Ibloov is to partner with local communities and businesses. By working with local stakeholders, Ibloov ensures that its tourism offerings benefit the local economy and promote sustainable development. This approach not only creates a positive impact on the communities but also provides unique and authentic travel experiences for visitors.

    “We are committed to sustainability, which is evident in our choice of accommodations and activities. The company partners with eco-friendly lodges and resorts that prioritize sustainable practices such as solar energy, water conservation, and waste reduction. Ibloov also promotes responsible wildlife tourism, advocating for ethical animal encounters and conservation efforts.

    “Through our technology-driven approach, community partnerships, and commitment to sustainability, Ibloov is creating a tourism ecosystem that benefits local communities, visitors, and the environment.”

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