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    Thursday, April 4, 2024

    How My Internship Has Prepared Me For The Real World

    My internship gave me a crash course in real-world communication within the Engineering and Technology world, Osademe Onyekachi said.

    Osademe Onyekachi

    Transitioning from classroom theory as an undergraduate of the Mass Communication department of Ambrose Alli University to practical Industrial Training scenarios can feel like a big leap, but it was not an easy task, as I had imagined.

    Luckily, my internship gave me a crash course in real-world communication within the Engineering and Technology world. Learning from professionals, diving into social media tactics, keeping up with industry buzz, brainstorming marketing ideas, and learning media relations tactics, in a more practical way, were some key takeaways from my time at Toptech Engineering Group, Lagos.

    Meeting with PR consultants from the UK was a game-changer. They not only shared industry insights but also gave us practical tips. These hands-on, like how to write a press release, tips on engaging with your community, brand positioning techniques and Social media guidance, apparently helped me see how theory translates into everyday work, prepping me for what lay ahead.

    Getting hands-on with social media was eye-opening. I learned how to create content that clicks with our audience and how to measure its impact. It was a crash course in digital communication, showing me how to adapt in a fast-paced online world. I grabbed the tips with tight fists and straight away, I published my first Instagram post and it attracted a number of engagements. Lucky me!

    Outside the office, I got to see tech in action. Visiting clients, speaking with stakeholders. Writing and editing scripts were quite challenging as my boss would always ask me to write, rewrite and edit. Changing tone, adhere to writing jargons in line with the tech world, were also part of my responsibilities.

    My Boss and I also drove through the bustling city of Lagos, following up clients, attending meetings and conferences, and delighting in the refreshments that go with them. These outings opened my eyes to the real-world applications of what I was learning.

    Staying in the loop with daily news and tech updates was crucial. It kept me informed about the latest trends and helped me contribute meaningfully to team discussions. Daily, I compiled a page Press Summary for the attention of the Chief Executive Officer and other members of top Management staff and this made a huge difference in keeping members of staff informed on latest news and trends.

    Working closely with the marketing team was impactful. Collaborating on campaigns and refining our message showed me the power of teamwork and the similarities of both marketing and public relations in promoting a brand. I also learnt some differences in their communication approach. In fact, I was given an assignment to write marketing Script and public relations promotion message. Do you want to know the outcome? That will be a story for another day. However, putting all these skills into practice, I helped craft news releases that got our message out there loud and clear. It was a crash course in writing for different audiences, making complex tech topics easy to understand.

    Looking back, my internship was a crash course in real-world IT communication. It gave me the skills and confidence to tackle whatever comes my way in my future career as a communication specialist.

    Osademe Onyekachi, who is a Mass Communication student at the Ambrose Alli University wrote from Lagos where he served as an intern

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