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    Likable female Juju Musician, Ayo Balogun is presently in the eye of a storm threatening to scatter her marriage.
    Sources disclosed that Ayo and her hubby, Jimmy who also doubles as her manager, have had cause to sit down to discuss the future of their marriage which is being threatened by the alleged presence of another man in Ayo Balogun's life.
    'The most annoying part of it all is the fact that Ayo is not even hiding the relationship anymore with this man called Wale Adepitan, a man who could not manage his business successfully,  but now managing the life of Ayo Balogun, we her friends are very disappointed,’ said a source.
    Another source corroborated this claim and revealed further that Ayo has always found it very difficult to resist any man she got soft spot for. When she was dating a super rich ex-commissioner in Ondo State, she went about it as if her life depended on it, it was the man that had to call it off when it was all assuming a dangerous dimension and Jimmy, her husband had to call the family to talk to Ayo.
    “It was this ex-commissioner for finance that opened her store for her and assisted her in her music career.”
    “Now Ayo attends almost all her social activities with Wale even, while her husband, Jimmy is present as her manager. We pity Jimmy, he is a good man but not man enough to keep Ayo in check, I think it is because of his financial incapability, so it is a tough call. We know that Ayo  was the person solely responsible for their residence at Ajao Estate,’ a source offered.
    Recently, Ayo was said to have bought a Toyota Camry ( Muscle) for Wale who is the Managing Director of  360 Degree, an advertising agency. Wale too is said not to be hiding the fact that he is heavily involved romantically with a married woman.
    “He is enjoying to the fullest, he hardly stays at home with his own family, it is all about Ayo Balogun nothing more,” concluded the source.   
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    LIZMATT said... December 27, 2011 at 5:44 PM

    is a sin against God. Wit all these story, dere is element of truth.
    Ayo, thnk abt ur children, dere future expecially d girlss. Pls

    Barr. Keji Ayodele said... March 24, 2015 at 10:06 AM

    Why this write-ups now Mathew, Don't allow anyone to stain your name and establishments. This man happens to be someone that made me who I am today. Inspite of that, this could be a lie or something else but since it is an old blog message, try to get this off your pages. This is disastrous for someone's life. Your friend, Barrister Keji (Malaysia)

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