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    Tuesday, April 30, 2013

    EXCLUSIVE How Ex Gov. Akala Snatched His SSG, Layiwola Olakojo's Wife! …Relocates Her To America

    A big drama is playing out in the Oyo political circle which involves former associates and friends; ex-Governor Adebayo Alao-Akala and the Secretary to The State Government (SSG), during the last administration, Chief Layiwola Olakojo.
    Chief Olakojo is regarded as one of the most experienced politicians in the State who enjoys a considerable followership in the state's political set-up and has participated in different governments both as the SSG to ex-Governor Ladoja and later Chief Bayo Alao-Akala.
    During the high point of Governor Akala's administration, Chief Olakojo who was in his late 70's did the unusual and married a very young beautiful wife who was in her early 20s. They had a big wedding ceremony which was attended by all the political bigwigs in the State then.

    However, the robust relationship being enjoyed by Chief Olakojo and ex-Governor Akala ended when the Governor was being hounded by the EFCC and arrested his SSG, Chief Olakojo. It was revealed that the old man who couldn't endure the hard measure and feared what would become of his political life squealed on some activities of his boss, and that spelt long years of rift between the two politicians.
    Recently the former SSG's marriage to his youngest wife was rocked with a big crisis that led to the wife moving all her things out of his house.
    Sources revealed that Chief Olakojo now lives alone in his country home in Oyo town. It was revealed that ex-Governor Akala was the mastermind of the break-up in Chief Olakojo's marriage. Those in the know claimed that the ex-Governor has been in close contacts with Oyin during his days as a Governor when the wife used to visit him and report Chief Olakojo's frugality and she gets cash gifts from the Governor.

    First Weekly Magazine learnt that Akala pampered Olakojo's wife so much that the beautiful lady couldn't resist the advances the former governor eventually made. The source informed us that Akala and the woman began to have sexual relationship on a regular basis.
    It was also revealed that during one of their secret rendezvous, Akala convinced her to move out from her matrimonial home. The source revealed that the young woman who already had a child for Chief Olakojo left her husband's home with the child and Akala relocated her to America where she now lives. 
    “It was so funny the way Oyin left Chief Olakojo. She had earlier told Chief she wanted to travel to America, but Chief asked her to wait for some days, that he wanted to do some things in India. He promised to take Oyin to, when he comes back from India. Chief traveled to India, but unknown to him Oyin has her own plans,” an insider said.

    The source revealed that Oyin, through the help of Akala perfected all her traveling papers, while the husband was in India.
    “She went into Chief’s room, took 20,000 dollars out of the 100,000 dollars she saw and the funny aspect was that it was the day Chief Olakojo landed at the airport that Oyin also boarded a  United States bound flight. They were probably at the airportat the same time. While the husband was at the arrival lounge, the wife was at the departure,” the source added.,
    The recent development was said to have sparked off a new row between the two politicians, as Olakojo has been reporting the matter to all the influential people in the state.  Chief Olakojo was said to have threatened to end Chief Akala's political career and his recent activities has pointed to that direction. The former SSG has been at the forefront of the move to reconcile ex-Governor Ladoja with other PDP chieftains and he has been engaging in different activities that exhibit his agony, and hatred towards his ex boss.

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