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    Saturday, September 7, 2013

    My Kitchen Is My Most Expensive ‘Item’ -Eva

     Eva Alordiah better known to most people by her stage name Eva is a rapper, singer, dancer, model, makeup artist, writer and songwriter born to Nigerian parents from Delta State. She moved to Lagos as a child and graduated from Bowen University with a degree in Computer science in 2009.
    She released her first ever studio recording with the help of Tha Suspect early 2009 and titled it 'I dey Play'. The song which was done over the popular 'a millie' instrumental by Lil Wayne went on to become a fan favorite and received aiplay on radios, gaining for Eva a maximum level of recognition. With the success of that single she went on to record more songs, collaborating with well known successful artists in the business and acquiring a good level of success to her brand.
    She talks about her fashion and style with Ademola Olonilua

    Would you rather rock your natural hair or would you prefer to go for hair extension and weaves
    I love my natural hair. I think I inherited the good hair genes from my mother, if there’s anything like that. However, you would most likely see me in weaves because of the kind of work I do.

    How much does it cost you to make your hair? Does it take too much time to make
    It always depends on what I’m doing with the hair and what sort of hair I’m working with. If it is just washing and setting the hair, I spend like N300. If it is the kind of hair that would require expertise and adding colours and all, we would be talking of something from N5, 000 to N80,000. Again, it depends on the hair I’m working with. That matters a lot.

    You carry different hairdos with unique colours, what influences your choice of hairstyle
    I really can’t say. I just love to be edgy and different. I believe it’s an ego boost to walk the streets and not look like anyone else.

    What’s your favourite hairstyle
    I love rocking my natural punk-mohawk. Anything short is also a favourite for me. I don’t really like long hair.

    Would you rather buy a Nigerian designer’s cloth or a foreign designer’s
    I would rather buy one from a Nigerian. I always patronise Nigerian designers. I have many favourites at the moment. From ‘Ejiro Amos Tafiri, Lady Stylista, Wiezdurm Franklyn to House of Nwocha, Mai Atafo, April by Kunbi  and so many others. Trust me; our Nigerian designers are very good.

    What influences your fashion and style
    I just love to be different and stand out from the crowd.

    What is that fashion item you can’t leave home without and how did you come about it
    I can’t leave home without adorning my fingers with several rings. I buy so many different types of finger accessories all the time. I’m a ring freak.

    What’s the most expensive item you own
    My kitchen, that’s if you’d call it an item.

    What is your fashion weakness

    I love shoes and make-up.

    You posted a picture of your shoe collection on Instagram. How many pairs of shoes do you own
    I can’t say for sure. But I recently went on a sneaker haul and bought myself 19 pairs of sneakers and boots at a go. I have however decided that I am not buying any of those again for the rest of the year.

    What’s your most expensive fashion item
    That is funny because there was a time in my life when I couldn’t afford any expensive thing. Back then, it was ‘bend-down-select’ at Yaba (Lagos) market that we used to buy things. It is funny how your needs change in relation to God’s blessings in your life.
    But talking about my most expensive fashion item, I think that would be a pair of shoes from Retail Therapy in Abuja. I can’t tell you the price of the footwear before people start ‘abusing’ me.

    How is it competing with men in the industry
    I generally do not consider this a competition. It actually isn’t. To me, music is much deeper than competitions. As long as I can connect with as many people as it is ever possible through my music worldwide, then I’m good. I am contented with that.

    Does your celebrity status attract or scare men away from you
    I sincerely do not know how to answer that. The question is, ‘am I even a celebrity?’

    Why do you always talk about losing weight when you have a great body
    Thanks for the compliment. I just love to stay fit. I work out a lot. When I’m not working out with my personal trainer, I’m working out with my dog, running or doing something else. It is part of my routine to work out at least an hour in the morning and evening.

    How is your new single ‘Lights Out’ doing in the market
    The acceptance of the single has been very good. It is doing wonderfully well in its first few weeks. I still can’t believe how much people are talking about it. My fans love it and that’s very encouraging. We just got done shooting the video with Patrick Elis and I’m really excited to see the final cut. I feel blessed and very grateful too.

    Why would a female rapper go into make-up business
    I have always been a creative artist. I used to be a brilliant fine artist when I was a little girl. I guess it is safe to say I have channeled all that into fashion designing and make-up artistry. I derive more satisfaction from painting faces and creating special effects characters than I do from merely drawing on paper.
    I set up the company ‘Makeup by Orsela’ officially in 2010 and we’ve been going strong ever since. I love make-up, I can’t help it.

    What do you consider before you step out for an occasion
    I always consider my hair and make-up.

    Are there common fashion errors you have seen that made you to irk
    As a makeup artist, the completely shaved eyebrows are always an eye-sore.
    I would never understand why a woman would want to shave off every brown hair and replace that with a badly drawn brow with make-up pencils or worse, a permanently tattooed brow; it is a total no-no.

    What do you think about cleavage exposure and skimpy dresses

    Wear whatever makes you comfortable just as long as you can pull it off. I think attitude and carriage is the biggest fashion accessory.  I’m not one to judge a person’s choice as regards fashion. At the end, it is a personal form of expression.
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