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    Thursday, January 18, 2024

    Rising Stars of West Africa: Spotify Spotlights Must-Hear Talents for 2024

    Africa is a treasure trove of creative talents and building on from the massive success that African music experienced in 2023, this year promises the unveiling of exciting new voices that should grab the attention of musical lovers across the continent and even beyond.

    From soulful singers to trailblazing artists, these emerging talents are going to be the ones to watch this year as they put in work to captivate audiences and redefine the pulse in Africa’s music scene.

    Spotify, the world's leading streaming platform, has taken notice, unveiling a captivating list of rising stars from Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) poised to make their mark on the local and global music scenes in 2024.

    These fresh voices embrace familiar sounds, while adding their own innovative twists, creating a melting pot of potential that could shift the musical landscape. Think Afrobeats infused with jazz improvisation or HipHop spiked with electronic flourishes, resulting in sonically captivating sound blends bound to captivate listeners all over. They are woven from across the diverse threads of Nigeria and Ghana, bringing a rich tapestry of styles, cultures, and perspectives to the forefront.


    Qing Madi

    Meet Chimamanda Pearl Chukwuma, better known by her stage name Qing Madi, a 17-year-old Nigerian prodigy taking the music world by storm. Her journey began at 16 with the viral sensation See Finish, a single that ignited the internet and showcased her raw talent. The Nigerian Afropop singer and a Spotify EQUAL Africa artist won the hearts of many with her track Ole and its remix featuring a Bnxn. Her self-titled EP slowly climbed up the charts with tracks like Vision and American Love quickly becoming favourites, proving her versatility and depth as an artist. We anticipate a blooming 2024 for Qing Madi.


    Let’s dive into the world of Guchi, whose real name is Ugochi Lydia Onuoha, a vibrant and talented Nigerian Afropop singer making waves in the music scene. Her music has made her incredibly popular in Nigeria, and she’s seen as one of the top emerging female artists in the country. The Nigerian singer and songwriter went viral with tracks like All Over You last year and doubled down with Feeling Good featuring Bayanni. Her sound is simple yet truly characteristic of Afrobeats singers like Yemi Alade and Tiwa Savage. She is definitely an artist to watch. 


    Popularly known as Seddy, SGaWD is a Nigerian rapper currently making waves in the industry. The multi hyphenate singer has played in the realms of Alte, R&B and HipHop the last few years but her experimentation with Jersey Club, Mara/ Street Music and Rap last year with tracks like Boytoy

    and Dump All Your Worries on The Dance Floor put SGawD on a pedestal this year as one to watch when it comes to fusion and cross continent export.


    From Fresh Finds alum to chart-topping sensation, YKB (Yusuf Oluwo Gbolaga) is making his mark on Nigerian music. Tracks like san siro and his captivating duet This Must Be Love with King Promise showcase his vibrant Afropop sound and growing talent. YKB isn't afraid to get creative, from cult followings to captivating covers, he's wiggling his way into the hearts of fans – and the Nigerian music scene itself. This is just the beginning for YKB, so keep your ears open for more infectious energy and hit songs.



    O'Kenneth's a supernova blazing across the Ghanaian music scene. This hip-hop and drill artist, known for his deep tenor vocals and lyrics, is a leading voice in the Asakaa movement. While his track LONELY ROAD, with Xlimkid ripped through the final quarter of 2023, his versatile features throughout the year proved his undeniable talent. So 2024 get ready, O'Kenneth's poised for a stratospheric rise.


    Ghanaian music is experiencing a soulful surge with the arrival of Kelvin Black alias AratheJay. This rising star blends traditional African sounds with contemporary beats, weaving intricate stories through his vocals. Tracks like Sankofa - Remix and PRACTICE  showcase his introspective songwriting and resonate deeply with listeners. Not only does AratheJay effortlessly navigate between rap and hiplife, but he injects the Ghanaian music scene with an exciting freshness. Could 2024 be the year his unique sound catapults him to stardom?

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