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    Comfortable environment where people may share their challenges in relationship and get Godly insights towards tackling them. It takes a realistic and practical look at these issues away from the prejudice of religious extremism.That is words of Revrend Cynthia Okobi,the General Overseer of Awesome God Evangelical Ministries located in Opebi, Ikeja,Lagos.The beautiful pastor who has a never say die spirit in working in the Lord vineyard recently had a chat with First Weekly and she speaks candidly on her ministries,divne book and other sundry issues.

    What were the responses to the maiden edition of your monthly Christian talk show last month
    It was very good and all glory goes back to God

    What informed the 3rd and 4th Saturdays of the month set for the programme
    Because We do our core ministry work on the first and second SATURDAYS. Evangelizing, visitation of members etc etc.

    How do you plan to expand on the scope of the conference, in terms of benefits to the attendees
    We want to take a step at a time. Its an all inclusive talk shop, from where, depending on the reaction and direction of the attendees, the conference will make its progress.

    Could it be true also that one of the objectives of the conference is to use it to win more worshipers into the ministry
    Not at all. Attendance of this conference has nothing to do with membership of our ministry. It's a non-denominational, realistic, Christian talk shop

    Tell us briefly how this ministry started, and where have you worshiped before you began your ministry
    It started from a calling. then a training at the feet of very respected men and women of God, and when the time became right, we became visible. I have worshiped in several churches. Household, Redeemed, Winners Chapel, KICC etc etc

    The belief in many quarters is that women alone can not run an organization successfully, especially a church of God; do you have a contrary opinion
    That notion is strange to me. God calls men as He calls women. the growth or management of any ministry will then depend on the skill applied and not the gender of the manager. Its that simple.

    What are the specifics of your calling
    Teaching God's word and using our best endeavours to meet the actual physical needs of people.

    From the perspective of a pastor, would you agree that women have much to do to be heard in the society
    Yes, we have to do more to raise our heads and to be heard.

    Share with us your educational and family background
    I am a graduate of Mass Communication from the Delta State University and WOFBI College . I am an only child.

    What other programmes do you run in the church and would you like to talk about your life as an author
    Currently we have a Thursday morning programme called An Hour of Agreement., which is a faith clinic where the Word of God is taught.

    Finally, tell us about the book you have written, the current one, ‘Sex In God's House,’ and are you planning to write more books
    Just one has been published. I have seven other books which will be published as I am led.
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