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    Tuesday, October 1, 2019

    Logitech’s G Pro X Mechanical Keyboard Offers Swappable Switches

    Logitech has announced the launch of its new Pro X keyboard, which the company says has been built for pros. The main highlight of this keyboard is that it features the ability for easy swapping of its keys. Users have a choice between three types of Logitech G Advanced Mechanical Switches.

    These switches will be offered in GX Blue Clicky, GX Red Linear, or GX Brown Tactile feedback styles. Now, keyboards featuring swappable keys aren't new but they mostly serve to a niche audience of keyboard enthusiasts. But with the announcement of the Pro X keyboard, Logitech wants to target the mainstream audience.

    The Logitech Pro X keyboard is up for pre-orders in the US and its price has been set at $149.99. This keyboard features a tenkeyless design, that makes it compact and gives more room for mouse movement. Additionally, the keyboard also features Lightsync RGB, that will let you highlight critical keys and customise lighting and animations with Logitech G HUB software. Moreover, the keyboard can connect to a computer through a detachable micro-USB cable.

    Obviously the main highlight of this keyboard has to be its ability to swap keys without a hassle. The 92-piece Pro X switch kit is also up for pre-order and has been priced at $49.99. As per Tom's Hardware, both the keyboard and the switch kit come with a plastic keycap puller that makes it very easy to swap the switches of the keyboard. Additionally, the keyboard is also compatible with standard Cherry MX keycaps, which means most of the third-party keycaps should work perfectly fine with the Pro X keyboard.

    Lastly, if a keyboard with swappable switches isn't your thing, then Logitech has also announced a Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. As we just mentioned, on this keyboard you won't be able to swap out the keys and by default, they are only available with clicky switches. The Logitech Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is also up for pre-order and its price has been set at $129.99.
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