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    Monday, March 27, 2023

    NCC-CSIRT Warns Of Pirated YouTube Software-Related Malware

    Nigerian Communications Commission’s Computer Security Incident Response Team (NCC-CSIRT) warns Nigerians not to patronize AI-generated pirated software on YouTube.

    The NCC-CSIRT in a statement signed by its director of public affairs, Reuben Muoka warned that users that open up such sites risk becoming victims of cybercriminal gangs that make use of AI-generated YouTube videos to distribute malware to the unsuspecting site visitors.

    According to the advisory by the NCC-CSIRT, victims that fall victim to malware attacks may experience critical damage to their personal files data theft, financial loss, identity theft, system damage, and reputation damage.

    On how the attack works, when the unsuspecting victims gain access to the websites that have been infiltrated by these hackers, they will be tricked into watching some AI-generated tutorial videos and from there, a dubious link will be shared and the visitor will be tricked into clicking.

    One-click by the unsuspecting visitor will open up diverse means for the hackers to attach data-stealing malware to the victim’s files.

    The NCC-CSIRT also noted that the number of YouTube videos that contain such dubious links has increased by 200-300% month on month since November 2022.

    According to the advisory, “To stimulate the interest of potential victims, video tutorials on how to pirate sought-after software such as AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, and other similar paid-for software are created. These videos are created with AI and feature humans with facial features that research has shown other humans find trustworthy.

    “The tutorials in these videos are frequently bogus and steer viewers to links in the description that led to information-stealing malware like Raccoon, Vidar, and RedLine,” the advisory revealed.

    The NCC-CSIRT further advised Nigerians to avoid downloading software with a suspicious source and mainly, any pirated copies as they are generally harmful and illegal.

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