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    Wednesday, March 22, 2023

    Samsung Galaxy A14 – A Phone For All Occasions And All Your Favorite Moments

    L-R: Nathan Lee, Business Manager, Samsung Electronics Company Limited; Joy Tim- Ayoola, Head of Mobile Division; Charlie Lee, Managing Director; Chika Nnadozie, Head of Marketing and Stephen Okwara, Product Manager at the launch of the Galaxy A14, held recently at the Samsung Head Office in Lagos.

    Samsung has announced the new Galaxy A14 with the latest innovation and technology that has become synonymous with Galaxy smartphones.

    This latest Galaxy A series comes with a large screen, an awesome camera and all the essentials you need to stay connected.

    It looks and feels awesome as it delivers a truly special performance from its connectivity and design to give its users an overall amazing mobile experience at a great value.

    The Galaxy A14 features the tried and tested Galaxy signature design identity with a refined and polished camera deck.

    The flat, linear camera housing seamlessly blends into the uni-body frame to complete the visually appealing silhouette. With a laser pattern back cover, the phone comes in beautiful colours that include light green, black and silver1.

    Awesome camera

    You would want to know about the uniqueness of its reality captured in a moment. Possessing a 50 MP main camera, and an upgraded selfies camera in 3D, you can surely get a wider coverage of memorable events in your Samsung galaxy A14. Taking a shot of up-close, the tiniest of details isn’t even forgiven.

    Longer lasting battery

    Over time the problem of most smart phones has always been the battery and its storage facilities. The new Samsung galaxy A14 has banished all such issues. Guess what it is equipped with a 5000mAh life span in battery cells, that’s amazing. This will erase the fear of trying to cover events and moments in a rush, due to the fear of a poor battery life. A trip to the storage capacity is even more dignifying. The Samsung galaxy A14 has a 128GB storage capacity, or you downsize if that’s too bulky for you to a 64GB capacity, all this suits your capability.

    Privacy and Security

    Dual operating systems for security maintenance to enjoy numerous features should give you a rest of mind, unlike the previous versions. The A14 has been created under the most Eco-friendly conditions, and yes as rugged Nigerians who want to have a taste of the latest, then the Samsung galaxy A14 is actually made for you.

    Easy Payment Method

    Well, this seems to be the most important, you need to know how to own this, well having all the huge benefits above, the smartphone comes with a flex pay method. The Samsung A-14 is available from march. Either the 64GB or the 128GB and a price of 116,900 and 126,900 respectively. You don’t have to pay all at once. With as low as 6-7000, you can own one of these, and continue your payment on a monthly basis. This should be in a span of 12-months.

    Its 2023 after all, and a new way to life and style fits the click with the new Samsung galaxy A14.

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