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    Tuesday, May 16, 2023

    GITEX Africa 2023: FinBraine’s Top Products Revolutionize the Future of Credit Lending, ID Verification, and Microfinancing

    FinBraine builds next-gen tech solutions by harnessing the power of decision models and advanced predictive algorithms.

    FinBraine is excited to announce its participation at GITEX Africa 2023, a prestigious event showcasing the latest technological advancements and innovations across the African continent. The event, known for its vibrant atmosphere and influential attendees, presents a prime opportunity for to establish valuable connections, forge partnerships, and contribute to the digital transformation journey of Africa.

    Africa's microfinance sector has witnessed slow economic growth over the last few years. Lack of micro-credit institutions, poor distribution networks, and a highly unbanked population are reasons why the general public fails to get access to premium financial services.

    Microfinance institutions in the sub-Saharan region are currently in their developmental stages and dealing with the same challenges traditional banks are facing. The need to constantly improve productivity, and performance, and address technological challenges are issues which are inherent to this segment.

    CredBraine caters to end to end lending lifecycle management platform and IDBraine caters to custom onboarding journey’s, eKYC and Video KYC. CredBraine is a next-gen lending digital platform that onboards potential borrowers, evaluates the creditworthiness of borrowers and assesses their potential risk when disbursing loans or offering credit and managing the loan lifecycle. The advanced AI/ML capabilities of CredBraine’s decisioning engine improve credit quality and acceptance rates for financial institutions and the platform processes over 2 million loan applications per day. 

    CredBraine can review 25 million accounts yearly and logs 100 million transactions per month which are a testament to its powerful features. In terms of what it offers, CredBraine can track and follow up with debtors for debt recovery, provide automated loan servicing to businesses, and creates scorecards for every industry by using domain specific customer profiles created by our subject matter experts from more than 5000 datapoints that span Telco datapoints, Financial datapoints, Social/Demographic datapoints, Wallet datapoints, Location datapoints, KYC datapoints, Ecommerce Transaction datapoints etc. Automated customer onboarding, credit scoring and decisioning, loan origination and loan servicing are some of its many features.

    FinBraine is an AI and Machine Learning (ML)-based Fintech solution provider that is playing a major role in developing world-class leading technologies for credit scoring and lending requirements. The company takes a client-centric approach to creating business value for organizations coming from diverse industries. FinBraine builds next-gen tech solutions by harnessing the power of decision models and advanced predictive algorithms. Finbraine is best known for its two signature products – CredBraine and IDBraine.

    IDBraine is a revolutionary digital KYC solution that makes customer onboarding and identity verification secure, seamless, and hassle-free. It helps organizations stay compliant with the latest regulatory environments, increases the accuracy of data processing, and improves overall customer experience during the onboarding process. IDBraine has two modes of verification – Biometric KYC and in-app KYC. IDBraine enabled KYC captures data from IDs and performs biometric scans such as ML-based face recognition tests and liveness detection to verify the identity of users in real life and match it with ID documents, thus helping prevent cases of impersonation fraud. Automated OCR-based data extraction from documents is automatically done for instant validation and verification as well. Fingerprint scanning and authentication is integrated as a feature in the product.

    Having a centralized repository of KYC records of individuals who apply for loans and borrow credit can make credit management easier for telecom operators, NBFCs, BFSIs, and other industries. Centralized KYC Registry (CKYC) solution by FinBraine offers extensive reporting tools and collects customer records which are made accessible to government bodies, banks, insurance companies, brokers, and various financial institutions. 

    The information housed by the CKYC registry can be viewed at any time and makes it easy to verify users before their applications are processed for granting new loans. It also saves time from repeated KYC processes and eliminates the paperwork involved with manual document submissions since companies can verify and access these records online. Some of the main highlights of CKYC are – comprehensive integration solutions for managing entire KYC requirements, automated data extraction from client-provided documents, propriety data conversion into CERSAI's bulk upload format, no data duplication, and improved control of management information.

    CKYC records feature high inter-usability in the finance sector, and it provides automatic updates to customers about their existing verification status. It also features integrations to SMSC for OTP verification, prevents data theft and fraud from the initial stages of practices, and provides ease of customization. The platform offers multi-lingual support as well which makes it convenient to market across different countries.  The biggest benefit of the CKYCR system is that it can be implemented on a national level and the government can enjoy complete transparency when monitoring individual ID cards, linked cards, and SIM cards, on a real-time basis. It also provides individual KYC scores for every citizen.

    Use Cases

    Telecom companies are facing challenges related to regulatory restrictions, production costs, high handset prices, and operational barriers when it comes to providing handset lending services to customers. FinBraine's credit decisioning engine is streamlining the handset lending journey for store agents and customers by providing flawless credit risk evaluations and ID verification services. The farming ecosystem suffers from poor financing and FinBraine's next-gen digital lending solutions are improving the state of organic farming markets by promoting sustainability for the future by offering digital loans and seamless lines of credit. Farmers participate by selling their produce at discounted rates on the Financial Assistance marketplace and purchasing products online. They are rewarded with automatic credit limit upgrades and receive additional benefits which are credited to their digital wallets.

    Customers can talk to experts and contact the FinBraine team by submitting a form on their website or send an email to sales@finbraine.com for any product enquiries.

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