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    Thursday, May 25, 2023

    One Week to Go Until Industry Experts Gather at Invest in African Energy Forum in Paris

    From the rich oil and gas reserves in East and Southern Africa to the renewable energy prospects in North Africa and the dynamic markets of the CEMAC region, in one week, the Invest in African Energy Forum in Paris will showcase the lucrative investment opportunities across the African energy market.

    While prolific hydrocarbon basins present new opportunities for E&P players, the energy transition triggers newfound focus on renewable energies and rising demand sees priority placed on infrastructure development, the African Energy Chamber’s (www.EnergyChamber.org) Invest in African Energy Forum in Paris unites African and European energy stakeholders to discuss investment opportunities across the African energy sector. With just one week remaining until this ground-breaking Forum takes place at the Westin Paris Vendome on June 1, the Forum promises to be a game-changer for the energy industry, as participants gather to explore investment opportunities and forge partnerships that will shape the future of Africa's energy landscape.

    The Invest in African Energy Forum in Paris brings together a distinguished line-up of speakers and industry experts, providing valuable insights on a wide range of topics. With a focus on oil and gas exploration and production, the growing significance of renewables, and the importance of local content initiatives, the forum will offer a comprehensive understanding of Africa's immense energy potential. Esteemed speakers will share their experiences, expertise, and success stories, highlighting key trends, investment opportunities, and challenges faced across the African sector. Attendees will gain unparalleled access to the latest developments and investment prospects, as well as learn from the lessons and best practices shared by industry leaders.

    With proven reserves of 620 trillion cubic feet of gas and 125.3 billion barrels of oil, Africa boasts significant energy resources. Among the top oil and gas producers in Africa are Nigeria, Angola, Libya, Egypt, Algeria and Congo, all of which have long-been key players in the industry. However, smaller markets such as Equatorial Guinea, Senegal, and Mozambique are making notable strides to contribute to Africa’s growing hydrocarbon sector. These countries are among those that are actively attracting investments, developing their resources, and establishing themselves as important players in the global energy landscape. With this in mind, the Invest in African Energy Forum in Paris will serve as a gathering place where deals can be signed for new and existing projects within the continent.

    On the renewables front, the continent is also harnessing its significant solar, wind and hydrogen potential, with the current pipeline capacity reaching 120 GW, 134 GW and 112 GW for these resources, respectively. These renewable energy resources offer a significant opportunity for French and European countries looking at investing in the continent's clean energy future. 

    With abundant solar potential, notable projects like Morocco's 580 MW Ouarzazate station, Egypt's 1.8 GW Benban Solar development, and South Africa's 175 MW De Aar solar project demonstrate the continent's progress. Regarding wind energy, projects such as Senegal’s 158 MW Taiba N-diaye; Egypt’s 250 MW West Bakr and 262.5 MW Ras Ghareb; and Kenya’s 310 MW Lake Turkana further highlight investment prospects while ambitious hydrogen projects such as Mauritania’s $40 billion CWP Global-led megaproject; Namibia’s $9.4 billion HYPHEN Hydrogen-led development; and South Africa’s $4.6 billion Green Ammonia Plant demonstrate the significant potential for hydrogen-related developments in Africa. 

    What’s more, the Invest in African Energy Forum in Paris will also focus on the importance of empowering local communities and businesses, examining strategies to enhance local participation, and showcasing successful initiatives that promote sustainable development while prioritizing local communities.

    What sets this Forum apart is the active involvement of the host country, France, in Africa's energy sector. France's contribution to Africa's energy sector goes beyond funding and projects. French companies and investors actively promote technology transfer and knowledge sharing, empowering African nations to enhance their technical capabilities.

    Through capacity building and partnerships, France strengthens its relationship with Africa, fostering cooperation and mutual benefits in the energy sector. Notably, French companies like TotalEnergies have played a significant role in Africa's oil and gas activities, with longstanding operations in countries such as Angola, Nigeria, and achieving notable milestones in Namibia's Orange Basin. Other companies such as Technip Energies represent valuable service providers while clean energy firms such as EDF Renewables and ENGIE continue to drive impactful projects and knowledge sharing.

    "The Invest in African Energy Forum in Paris will drive investments into Africa's energy sector and shape the future of our continent. It provides a unique platform for industry leaders, investors, and policymakers to unite and explore the vast opportunities that Africa offers. Through continued partnerships with France and Europe, we can foster greater collaboration, technology transfer, and sustainable development in the energy sector. This Forum is a must-attend for anyone looking to be a part of Africa's energy transformation and unlock its immense potential," states NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the AEC.

    Taking place on June 1st, 2023, at the Westin Paris Vendome in France, the Invest in African Energy Forum in Paris is open to all guests and RSVP (https://apo-opa.info/3KQXc64) is essential. RSVP to registration@aecweek.com.

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