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    Wednesday, July 26, 2023

    Subsidy Removal: Wema Bank Increases Staff Salaries

    Olufemi Adeyemi 

    Nigerian commercial bank, Wema Bank Plc has announced an increment in the salaries of its workers. The bank in a statement said the increase showcases the bank’s dedication to employee welfare and well-bein

    Wema Bank’s move to increase the salaries of its staff, especially given the current economic rigors, has undoubtedly struck a chord with employees. By addressing the financial needs of its workforce, Wema Bank is affirming its belief in the value of every individual’s contribution, regardless of their employment status; It is one which fosters a sense of belonging in its staff, ensuring that each member feels like an integral part of the bank’s success story.

    According to the bank, the increment was to equip the full cadre of its staff to maintain a good standard of living in the current economic climate and also set the standard for pro-employee initiatives in Nigeria.

    In a statement by its Divisional Head, People, Brand & Culture, Ololade Ogungbenro, the bank said it remains a brand, which in addition to job creation, also ensures that its employees execute their duties in an enabling and rewarding environment without compromising their work-life balance.

    Ogungbenro said it is a stance that has rightfully earned the financial institution its spot among the top tier banks in the industry, adding that the bank has maintained a track record of actively driving the personal and professional growth of its employees adding that its staff benefit from a plethora of health, wellness, lifestyle, career and financial empowerment initiatives, to help them achieve and live their best lives.

    She maintained that Wema Bank is constantly innovating to ensure the satisfaction of both its customers and employees as further evidenced by the recent increase in the salaries of its employees.

    Ogungbenro added that the financial institution is aware that an effective, enabling working condition comprises all the physical, psychological, and financial factors that boost the well-being, performance, and productivity of employees.

    “These factors include the work environment, remuneration policy, work schedule, and other conditions of employment that influence the employee’s health, safety and sense of job security. Again, the ideal working condition would adequately support employees’ lives, well-being, health and safety, and ensure they are fully rewarded for their services, allowing them to achieve true work-life without compromising the finance factor. Wema Bank also creates a sense of community among its employees, in the process building a support system for every member of its staff,” she stated.

    Head of Brand & Marketing Communications at Wema Bank, Mabel Adeteye, said one of the ways of sustaining customer satisfaction is nurturing staff well-being, saying Wema Bank has maintained a steady and impressive growth while meeting and exceeding customer and industry expectations.

    “With the news of the staff salary increase, it is evident that Wema Bank is becoming a one-stop solution provider to not just customers, investors and partners, but its staff as well.

    “When employees are happy with their work conditions, they are more intentional in carrying out their duties, producing better results and creating an even higher level of customer satisfaction.

    “Wema Bank seems to have cracked the code to rewarding banking and hacking work-life balance. It is likely this innovative financial pacesetter will continue to break records and set the standards for integrated banking in Nigeria and beyond,” Adeteye stated.

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