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    Saturday, November 4, 2023

    Dataleum Wins Ed-tech Startup of Africa at Global Startup Awards

    Dataleum, a Nigerian startup specializing in tech training and consulting services, has achieved remarkable success as they emerged victorious at the Global Startup Awards (GSA) Africa Finale, solidifying their position as the EdTech Startup of Africa by Global Startup Awards.

    The GSA Africa Finale, held under the theme “Innovating a Global Africa,” is a prestigious event that serves as a beacon for African innovation aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals. This event spotlights groundbreaking solutions emerging from the continent and brings together visionaries and industry leaders dedicated to shaping Africa’s future through innovation.

    Dataleum’s journey to this pinnacle of recognition began as they competed at the national level, where they showcased their innovative prowess and commitment to transforming the EdTech sector. Their impressive performance at the national level earned them the opportunity to advance to the regional stage of the competition.
    As one of the regional finalists, Dataleum stood out in a highly competitive field, impressing an impartial panel of judges who were astounded by the exceptional quality and diversity of solutions originating from all corners of the continent, aimed at addressing some of the most pressing challenges.

    The highlight of Dataleum’s journey was their outstanding performance at the GSA Africa Finale, where they clinched the title of EdTech Startup of Africa by Global Startup Awards. This prestigious recognition marks their exceptional contributions to the EdTech sector and their commitment to advancing technology training and consulting services in Africa.

    Dataleum was proudly represented by the CEO, Bode Roberts, and the Global Head of Communications, Deborah Dosunmu, at the GSA Africa Finale.

    Bode Roberts, the CEO of Dataleum, expressed his elation upon receiving the EdTech Startup of Africa award. He remarked, “We’re thrilled to be named the Best EdTech Company in Africa by the Global Startup Awards Africa. This achievement underscores our commitment to shaping the future of talent development through innovation. Thanks to our incredible team, and we’re dedicated to advancing the growth and potential of individuals and businesses in Africa and beyond”

    Dataleum’s win at the GSA Africa Finale means that they will now move on to compete at the global level, representing Africa on the international stage of the Global Startup Awards. This global competition brings together the best startups from around the world, offering a platform to showcase innovative ideas alongside some of the most renowned business leaders and ecosystem facilitators on a global scale.

    Dataleum’s journey from national competitors to the champions of EdTech in Africa is a testament to their dedication and innovative spirit, and it is a source of pride not only for their team but also for the entire African tech community.

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