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    Wednesday, May 29, 2024

    Mobiblanc, Arrabet Ecosystem: Innovation and Synergy at GITEX Africa 2024

    With a rich and diverse program, the subsidiaries are set to demonstrate their collective expertise at Gitex Africa 2024.

    As a frontrunner in Morocco's technological landscape, Mobiblanc is gearing up to showcase the breadth of its transformation and impact on digital factories at Gitex Africa 2024. Known for its pioneering approach since its founding in 2010 and participation in global events such as the Mobile World Congress, Gitex Global, and VivaTech, the company is committed to driving the tech sector through sustainable growth and strategic collaborations.

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    The past year has marked a turning point for Mobiblanc, with advancements that have transformed its client interactions and strengthened the dynamics of a team exceeding 100 employees. The definitive adoption of agility has allowed for rapid adjustments to market demands. This transition reflects an evolution towards agile operations, where robustness and flexibility are paramount, preparing Mobiblanc to present its progress at Gitex 2024.

    Build and Delivery for Digital Factories

    The overhaul of Mobiblanc's delivery model marks a strategic shift, optimizing the efficiency and coordination of its technological initiatives. This new model stands out for its adaptability and precision, ensuring high-quality results that solidify our leadership in custom digital product development. "Our redesigned collaboration model enables seamless integration of multidisciplinary experts, precisely targeting the unique challenges of each industry," explains Ahmed Jawad Tabet, Mobiblanc's Delivery Service Director.

    Youssef El Alaoui, Co-CEO of Mobiblanc, adds: "This innovative approach is at the heart of our co-creation strategy. Every collaboration with Mobiblanc is seen as a strategic partnership, transcending conventional project execution. Partnering with us means engaging in a journey of continuous progress, where the robustness of platforms and agility of processes prevail, and each step is an opportunity for joint growth." This revolutionary collaboration model fosters proactive synergy between Mobiblanc and its clients, accelerating their digital transformation with technologies that anticipate and exceed their business expectations.

    Accelerating Go-To-Market

    Mobiblanc's missions within our clients' digital factories have led to significant advancements in their technological environments, enhancing product build and accelerating go-to-market timelines. Our targeted interventions have supported various sectors, including finance, telecommunications, and retail, optimizing processes and improving performance. "Our client partnerships aim to sustainably enrich and modernize our clients' digital platforms and reduce their technological debt," highlights Youssef El Alaoui. For a concrete illustration of these advancements, our teams at Gitex 2024 will be available to share their experiences and achievements.

    A Rich and Engaging Program

    With a rich and diverse program, the subsidiaries are set to demonstrate their collective expertise at Gitex Africa 2024. Keynotes prepared by leaders and experts from various subsidiaries will cover cutting-edge technology topics, complemented by panel discussions where ecosystem leaders will share their perspectives and experiences, illustrating how their work supports transformation strategies on the continent.

    Networking sessions will offer opportunities to interact with international delegations, professional associations, as well as potential clients and partners. These networking moments are designed to facilitate fruitful exchanges and establish sustainable partnerships conducive to the initiation of large-scale projects.

    Alone, we make a difference, Together, we drive transformation

    As Gitex Africa 2024 approaches, Mobiblanc, in synergy with the Arrabet ecosystem, embodies the power of our collaboration. This major event will serve as a showcase to present the fruits of our collective transformation, where each subsidiary's initiative enriches a common vision focused on sectoral expertise and proximity.

    Our program for Gitex is designed to highlight Mobiblanc's technological advancements and the productive dynamic between our companies. Inspiring keynotes, interactive workshops, and networking sessions will illustrate the strength of our collaboration. This will be an opportunity for everyone to discover how our joint efforts are shaping a promising technological future for technology in Africa and beyond.

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